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Signature COLOUR: superior hygiene solutions with personality

How could your washroom help to reflect your brand personality?

Giving customers and employees a consistent experience that positively reflects your brand values - especially the personality that your brand represents - could help your brand stand out from the competition, influence perceptions, encourage repeat visits and increase productivity.

At Initial, we know that the washroom is an essential part of this journey. That’s why we’ve developed the Signature COLOUR range, making it possible for you to provide clean and hygienic washroom facilities that users expect, while harnessing the power of colour to truly reflect the personality of your brand as well as ensuring the best possible customer experience.


The Signature COLOUR Range

Signature COLOUR is helping make personalised washrooms the new standard. Combining all the innovative features and superior hygiene qualities from the award-winning Signature range, a wide selection of products  are available in a choice of nine striking colours in matt or gloss finishes, which are specifically developed to evoke an ambient influence in your washroom.

This exclusive Signature range has been awarded the Red Dot Design Award for product design excellence and the President's Design Award for Product innovation and design excellence.


Cubicle hygiene

Our wide range of discrete, hygienic cubicle solutions cover all end user needs, including feminine hygiene units, toilet paper dispensers, sanitisers and toilet seat cleaners.

Hand hygiene

Good hand hygiene regimes are essential to protect against cross-contamination. Our wide range of hand wash, dry and sanitise solutions ensure you provide maximum protection.

Air care

Smell is one of the first things people notice when entering a washroom. Our contemporary range of fragrances with aroma technology ensure your facilities are always welcoming.

Available in nine striking colours and two finishes

the spectrum of the Signature Range

Reflecting your brand personality

In the washroom, together with heightened hygiene awareness, there is increasing evidence that introducing colour can have a positive impact on productivity, efficiency and encourage a lift in overall wellbeing.

Your colour choices can also reflect your brand personality and even help improve hygiene standards.


The benefits of the Signature COLOUR Range