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Being Human Resource-ful

As a person who specializes in Corporate Human Resources, Sharon Binwag-Villalon has had her share of 'knockout punches' thrown at her; but she always manages to pick herself up, and knows who to depend on. 

After completing her BA Public Administration and Diploma in Labor and Industrial Relations at UP, securing her MBA, and completing coursework on Women and Aboriginal Development at the University of Queensland, Brisbane - Sharon Binwag-Villalon embarked on a professional career in Human Resources that included fulfilling the dream of getting married and raising a family. A double-income family with husband, Jener, a Chemical Engineer and Technical Consultant at the UN, and with son, Martin Rafael, excelling in Mathematics, life would had seemed destined to go down a rosy path. But Destiny sometimes has something very different in store for us. Her husband succumbed to brain aneurysm in June 2014, and although she was thrust inopportunely into the role of being single mom, she embraces this facet of parenthood knowing she has the love and support of family and friends.

image of human resources professional
image of human resources professional

As Head of Human Resources at Goodwin Communications Asia, Inc., Shao, as she is more commonly known, has to single-handedly juggle career with family. Martin, a Grade 4 student, represented the Philippines in Mathematics-related competitions, most recently on two separate occasions in Singapore; and Shao fully supports Martin in this endeavor, travelling with him whenever possible. To achieve the right balance, Shao has turned to dependable institutions and service-related companies who can be trusted to deliver on their promises and commitments. Whether for her needs at home or in the office space, Shao has come to rely on Rentokil and Initil for their particular services - and it has been invaluable in helping her organize her life, and minimize worries and concerns.

At Goodwin, Initial handles such aspects of the office upkeep such as Floor Care, Hand Care and Air Care. This is accomplished through floor mats, hand soaps and dryers, and air fresheners. A clean hygienic working environment for it's workforce is something any company worth it's weight would look out for, and having Initial in your proverbial corner is one foolproof way to maintain high standards of cleanliness and hygiene in the workplace. As Shao relates; 'I'm not one who compromises quality over price. When I joined Goodwin, hygiene was an important factor in my administrative deliverables, thus the decision to have Initial install air fresheners, mat, soap dispensers, dryers, and Tissue rolls in our office. I had to make sure we provided for a clean, working environment to avoid diseases that trigger absences and affect our employees' productivity and performance.'

Over the years, Initial has proven to be such a dependable and indispensable ally, that when Shao was looking for termite control services for her ancestral Ilocos home; she did not look further than Rentokil, that specializes in Pest Solutions; 'We've had Rentokil treat our ancestral houses since 2012. As the former Customer Development Manager of Rentokil Phils. Pest Control Division, I have witnessed and experienced first-hand how quality was never sacrificed in their services. Our houses are currently under renovation to reinforce the structures against external, natural challenges; and Rentokil will have to treat them again after construction is done for termite protection.' With a fifty year track record in the Philippines, Rentokil has an enviable legacy and provenance that speak volumes about how it has become such a trusted name over the decades. The fact that as a former employee of the company, Shao would know the company intimately and yet sought them out in her new place of employment; is testament to the level of quality service both Rentokil and Initial stand for.

magazine cover of human resources professional
magazine cover of human resources professional

Given the full time schedule Sharon's juggling act demands from her, Sharon jokes about how any concept of luxury time has to be defined as Sleep. And whenever possible, she makes time for dining out and watching films with Martin; and supporting his exploits in Taekwondo. Coaching and mentoring books, as well as literary classics make up her bedside reading list. And she counts two women as the inspirations of her life: one would be her Mom, Josefina, who took care of her diabetic father for almost twenty years; and her aunt, Revelina, who selflessly helps those in need, dedicating her life to her nieces and nephews, treating them like her very own children. 

'Whether you think you can, or think you can't; you are right!' this is Henry Ford, speaking about possibility, and how you are only limited by your own imagination and will. This is the favorite quotation that Sharon lives her life by. And it takes on special meaning given the circumstances that have formed her life so far!

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is more important than ever before. Initial supports a wide range of soap and sanitiser solutions to suit all industries. Hand hygiene is more important than ever before. Initial supports a wide range of soap and sanitiser solutions to suit all industries.

  • Highly effective at reducing transmission of bacterias and viruses
  • Cost effective with a range of soaps and sanitiser to suit multiple preferences
  • Non alcohol based solutions available
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