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Hygiene services for your business in the Philippines

Innovative and integrated hygiene solutions, tailored to your needs, helping to protect your employees, customers and brand reputation.

Initial Hygiene Philippines offers a comprehensive range of commercial integrated hygiene solutions, designed to accommodate your business while giving you peace of mind that your premises are hygienically safe.

Commercial hygiene services 

Our hygiene and sanitary services are driven by technological innovations to provide better service visibility and improve customer experience for your business. 

 Tailored hygiene solutions

Initial Hygiene Philippines offers a comprehensive range of commercial, integrated hygiene solutions, designed to accommodate your business and home while giving you peace of mind that your premises are hygienically safe.

Our tailored hygiene service ranges from air care to provide you safe air and hand hygiene to minimize cross-contamination as well as washroom hygiene to give your visitors and employees the best holistic protection possible

 Other hygiene solutions


Hygiene Products

Hygiene Products are made available by Initial Hygiene Philippines to help combat disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Sanitary Bins

Provide your visitors a safe and discreet feminine hygiene solution in the washroom.

Waste Bins

Our clean and hygienic waste bins ensure your bathroom and kitchen remain free from waste on the floor. Complement the hand towel dispenser for disposal of used paper towels.

Washroom accessories

Choose from a range of accessories from our tailored solution for your washroom needs.

Initial washroom products A to Z

A comprehensive guide to Initial Hygiene’s washroom products and services

Washroom Steam Hygiene Treatment

Our Washroom Steam Hygiene Treatment ensures all washroom and toilet surfaces are deeply sterile improving your washroom hygiene.

Personalize your washroom

Since you have spent so much on washrooms with beautiful design, outstanding hygiene and an excellent maintenance service look no further than Initial Hygiene.

Hassle-free washroom essentials

Order quality washroom supplies with a tailored service to ensure you never run out.

Professional hygiene survey

Discover our methodology and approach to build a tailored solution for your business needs with our Professional Hygiene Survey.

Working with you

Initial offers a wide range of tailored hygiene solutions to suit your business needs. Find out what you can expect from us.

Super hygienic washroom

Super hygienic washroom can make a big difference to your business.

Initial’s industry expertise

We’re committed to helping businesses across a wide range of industry sectors from industrial and manufacturing to retail, office and hotel​​​​​​​. We deliver tailored expertise to help you stay hygienically safe and legally compliant - no matter what business you are in, we have a solution for you.


Signature washroom range

Our Signature range is robust and includes an integral antibacterial surface to reduce the spread of germs.

Hygiene insights

Improving hand hygiene practice

Hand hygiene is fundamental to reducing the spread of germs and infectious diseases. Find out what you can do to keep yourself healthy and safe.

Fighting Bad Smells

Fight bad smells in your washrooms with our solutions from air to cubicle hygiene.

Providing a good washroom experience

Find out how our services and solution can help you to provide a better washroom experience for your guests and staff.

Customer Review

Read what our customers say about our hygiene solution.

About Initial

With more than 50 years of experiences and tailored solutions to meet local business needs, you can rest assured that you are in good hands.