Hand hygiene

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Soap dispenser

Promote good hand washing practice within your business today. Our stylish and simple wall mounted Signature Soap Dispenser includes a special antibacterial surface to prevent the spread of germs, helping you to reduce employee absenteeism. With services scheduled ahead, rest assured that your staff and visitors are never out of soap when they need to stay protected and clean.

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Work smarter, choose easy servicing

Enjoy a total peace of mind with our easy servicing solution.

  • Installation and servicing by qualified Initial Service Technicians
  • Maintenance and delivery schedule tailored to suit your exact needs
  • Servicing includes refills, cleaning and battery change
  • Free repair and/or replacement within lifetime of contract with Initial
  • myInitial, our user friendly online reporting system grants you access to information, such as contract details and service reports at your fingertips

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Soap refills

As part of our service we offer skin-friendly liquid and foam soap refills that are specially formulated to protect you. You can also choose a fragrance or fragrance-free soap.

Our specially designed soap cartridges also collapse completely to ensure you use all the soap and eliminate waste.