Hygiene Inspection Tool

Hygiene Inspection tool

What is it?

It is a tool that performs professional inspections at your locations and provides a hygiene report of the facility by identifying high risk areas and those of improvement.

What is it used for?

It provides a checklist that helps inspect your locations , identify high risk areas and  suggest elements of improvement

Benefits of survey 

  • Provides you with a professional evaluation carried out by an expert
  • Identifies the structural risk areas
  • Supports you in implementing improvements
  • Helps you increase the level of security for employees/customer

Hygiene checklist

  • Toilet and cubicle hygiene
  • Hand hygiene
  • Air hygiene
  • Surface hygiene
  • Pest control
  •  Access control

Hygiene Report

At the end of each inspection, a hygiene report is shared to the you which displays the final assessment regarding the inspected facility.

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