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Sustainability in business is here to stay and hence must be a part of any business strategy. Find out how your business can achieve the same.

For a successful workplace hygiene practice, the organization and the employee are responsible. The norms and policies of any organization must include cleanliness and personal hygiene.

Employing people, who are trained in cleaning techniques, for disinfecting and cleaning and helping them implement a cleaning routine could lead to a fresh and aromatic work environment, which will eventually help in building trust, satisfaction, fewer complaints

Nearly half of schools worldwide don't have basic hygiene services. This Global hand washing day lets take pledge to support the movement.

In India alone, approximately 121 million women and girls use an average of eight disposable and non-compostable pads every month which generates about 1.021 billion of menstrual waste monthly and around 12.3 billion of waste annually.

Hand hygiene is fundamental to minimising the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases, such as the common cold and influenza.

Learn more about the importance of drain cleaning and how your Drainoscopy solutions can help.

Feminine hygiene solutions are essential in the workplace, find out how your business can provide access to hygienic solutions for your female employees and visitors.

Going to work will not be the same again. With the changing environment and the spread of coronavirus, people returning to work will face the burden of new challenges. Employees returning to work might have various concerns regarding their safety. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the organizations to assure their people regarding their safety and protection.

It is necessary to maintain the quality of indoor air for a healthy breathing environment. If ignored, the consequences are many. The quality of air that we breathe indoors has a direct effect on our health.

Rentokil Initial Group has announced an agreement to distribute VIRUSKILLER™ in India. VIRUSKILLER™* is proven to kill 99.9999% of viruses with a single air pass, including Coronavirus. As cited in July 2020, it comes as the World Health Organisation (WHO)...

Whether they are working in an office, spending time in a shopping mall, learning at school or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, people will visit the toilets at some point if they stay in a particular place for some time.