Sani Pro Green - Environmentally Friendly Sanitary Napkin Recycling Process

Find out more about our new sustainability initiative to help hygienically dispose and recycle sanitary napkins.


Organisations are now more concerned about the hygiene and safety of their women staff and are sourcing solutions that provide safe and hygienic feminine hygiene solutions. 

Thinking about India’s sustainability initiatives, we are pleased to have introduced Sani Pro Green* services, wherein the used sanitary napkins are collected from your premises and are recycled using a zero-waste low temperature thermal incineration process to generate reusable environment friendly products. 

Ensuring we make the earth a greener and better place to live in.

Rentokil Initial Hygiene India provides end to end feminine hygiene services, so your female employees experience hassle free periods. Our comprehensive services include providing organisations with sanitary napkin vending machines, which provides immediate access to napkins for menstrual emergencies. We also provide safe and hygienic sanitary napkin disposal units, which ensures there is no cross contamination because of the used pads.

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Sanitary napkin vending machine

An unique product providing immediate access to napkins anytime during menstrual emergencies. Find out more about installing this for your washrooms.

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Poor hand hygiene and contact with contaminated surfaces poses higher risks of spreading infections at workplace. Having professional handwashing facilities keeps your workplace healthier for longer