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Initial Philippines launched Adopt-a-school program

Bonifacio Global City, 9th November 2017 - In celebration of the World Toilet Day, Rentokil Initial, the leading global provider of hygiene solutions, has taken upon itself to further educate the community and schools by developing a more sustainable information and awareness campaign. Better Futures is an ongoing global campaign that educates communities in developing countries about the importance of personal and environmental hygiene.

In the Philippines, there were around 7 million who continue to practice open defecation and 26 million use unhygienic facilities. As we all know, poor hygiene and poor sanitation lead to faster spread of illnesses among students, which causes absenteeism and poorer overall performance in academics. Poor toilet sanitation also predisposes students to serious health conditions such as acute gastroentritis, malabsorption, and dehydration. 

According to the Department of Health (DOH), a total of 2,038 suspected and confirmed hand, foot and mouth disease cases were reported nationwide from January 1 to September 2, 2017. This is 286.72% higher compared to the same time period last year. Reported cases of hand, foot and mouth disease and food poisoning in the Philippines continue to grow every year. 

Recently, Rentokil initial Philippines launched "Adopt-a-School" in Makati Gospel Church New Life Christian Academy, the pioneering school to celebrate the World Toilet Day. There were 436 grade school students who participated in the activity dubbed as “Flush and Wash.” 

The Adopt-a-school program educate the students about the importance of practicing proper handwashing and washroom habits to minimize the risk of spreading infection and unwanted diseases. Rentokil Initial’s representatives showed a vivid display of artificial germs to the students before and after washing their hands. After that, they demonstrated the proper handwashing techniques using hand soap and sanitizer to the students. 

For proper washroom habits, the key message of the activity is “When you flush, cover and wash,” which emphasizes the importance of covering the toilet bowl whenever students flush to avoid contaminating the air and of washing their hands afterwards. This washroom habit is often overlooked or forgotten. The importance of flushing and covering is to prevent toilet sneeze from happening. 

As hygiene experts, Rentokil Initial knows that the pivot in the mindset towards proper sanitation and hygiene starts with the young. Thus, Rentokil Initial Philippines adopted two washrooms to help the students to learn and develop proper toilet and handwashing habits, and raise hygiene standards. 

The students were very enthusiastic and participative in the activities conducted by Rentokil Initial wherein they were able to receive hand sanitizers, eco bag, and gift certificates during the program. The token comes with a pledge for the Parents/Guardians, letting them know that they play an important role in implementing this Proper Washroom Habits even at home. 

Rentokil Initial Philippines is positive about this program and its contribution back to the society. This meaningful activity was fully supported by Rentokil Initial’s management, staff, family and friends.

Hand hygiene

Hand hygiene is more important than ever before. Initial supports a wide range of soap and sanitiser solutions to suit all industries. Hand hygiene is more important than ever before. Initial supports a wide range of soap and sanitiser solutions to suit all industries.

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