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Washroom Steam Hygiene Treatment

Our Washroom Steam Hygiene Treatment  provides intensive hygiene solutions for the health and protection of your organization. Helps you restore the hygiene confidence of your staff and visitors by attacking critical areas of the washroom - from floors and walls to wash basins and toilet fixtures - using eco friendly solutions and steam to disinfect and sanitize all surfaces improving your washroom hygiene.

Why is ordinary washroom cleaning insufficient?

Have you heard of the ‘Toilet Sneeze’? This happens in every flush of the toilet, causing tiny clouds of water droplets to arise which are contaminated by micro-organisms associated with urine and fecal substances. This spreads bacteria and viruses into the air that infects people in the washroom.

Most practice of ordinary washroom cleaning only addresses the areas and surfaces that can be seen, there is no time spent to trace and eliminate the root cause of hygiene issues such as malodor and encrustations. This is where toilet bowl, urinals and other washroom fixtures that didn’t have attention paid to them harbors harmful bacteria:

  • Staphylococcus Aureus
  • Eschericha Coli (E.Coli)
  • Rotavirus
  • Rhinovirus

These harmful bacteria are commonly found on other surfaces that have been contaminated by fecal matter aside from toilet bowl including taps, wash basins and even door handles.
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Injects sanitizing fluid into the flush water to fight bacteria and limescale buildup, keeping your toilet and urinal bowls clean and hygienic.

The benefits of washroom steam hygiene treatment

Giving your customers hygiene reassurance throughout your facility is the key to create a pleasant environment, and this extends right through to the toilets, urinals and washrooms.

Toilet seat cleaner

Sanitize the toilet seat before use for extra assurance of a pleasant and hygienic cubicle experience.

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