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Benefits of Washroom Steam Hygiene Treatment

Giving your customers hygiene reassurance throughout your facility is the key to create a pleasant environment, and this extends right through to the toilets, urinals and washrooms.

Hygiene and cleanliness levels are crucial to every commercial washrooms. To uphold clean and efficient experience for both staff and clients here’s how Washroom Steam hygiene works:

  • Disinfection from steam helps remove the breeding ground for bad bacteria.
  • Restores hygiene levels in your urinal, toilet and washroom.

Reduce the Risk of Cross Infection

Sneeze effect - Every time a toilet is flushed it ‘sneezes’ aerosols & water droplets into the air, containing a mass number of bacteria that lands on all surfaces. Elimination of bacteria prevents the spread of harmful microorganisms from one surface to another. You can also add another layer of protection for your washroom through Toilet Sanitizer and Toilet Seat Cleaner, this reduces the risk of acquiring infection.

Reduction of Scale Build Up

Frequent use of toilets results in scale buildā€up from combined urine and hard water on the surface of toilet bowl, urinals and other washroom fixtures. This hardened mineral scale is a challenge to get rid completely, especially in cases of deposits found under the rim.

Helps Prolong Washroom Equipment

Improper procedures to remove scale build up may damage washroom fixtures leading to additional cost of repairs or replacements. Preventive maintenance helps keep toilet bowl, urinals and other washroom fixtures at its best state.

Reduce malodor in the washroom

People are very aware of their surroundings when they have to use facilities, especially washroom. Study shows 46% of people said they will NEVER RETURN to an establishment if the facilities smell bad.

Targets Critical Areas in Washroom

Washroom corners, in between tiles and other hard to reach areas which commonly leaves encrustation

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