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Promotions & Happenings

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Hari Raya Promotion

Celebrate Hari Raya with a clean home with our professional cleaning services.

Royal Raya Package

Royal Raya Package

  • General Cleaning + Deep Cleaning.
  • Free gifts: 10 pieces Raya Packets, $ 20 Cash Voucher .
  • 1 Optional Voucher or 25% Discount of Fogging Voucher or 10% Drainage Service Voucher.
Meriah Raya Package

Meriah Raya Package

  • Carpet and Sofa Cleaning.
  • Free gifts: 5 pieces Raya Packets, $15 Cash Voucher.
  • 1 Optional Gift: 10% Discount of General Pest Control Voucher or 15% Discount of Fogging Voucher or 5% of Drainage Service Voucher.

Hand Hygiene

Provide the complete solution to combat cross contamination between staff and customers.

Scenting & Odour

Control Welcome your visitors with a fresh smelling environment that is both clean and hygienic.