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Air Hygiene

Sense of smell has a strong impact on business environments. Bad smells and unpleasant odours are often associated with poor hygiene and upkeep. The use of air freshener and air purifier reassures your visitors that your office and washroom are clean and well taken care of, which will further enhance the positive image of your business.

Our range of air hygiene and scenting solutions are designed to meet your business needs, whether you are looking to neutralise persistent bad smells found in washrooms, or simply create a memorable, welcoming experience.

Air Freshener

Simple and hassle free solution for a consistent aroma throughout the working day. Offered in Air Fresh Fan or Air Fresh Spray.

Air Purifier

Eliminate bad smells, improve air quality and reduce risks of airborne contamination with our range of air purifiers.

Air Steriliser

Initial Air Steriliser uses advanced technology to keep your office and washroom safe from airborne bacteria


Ecolo cuts and neutralises offensive malodours on industrial facility sites using concentrated odour counteractants and advanced solid state electronics.

Optipura air deodorizer

Reduce the risk of cross-contamination from airborne bacteria and eliminate unpleasant smells with Optipura DSP™ Technology.


Achieve good air quality with Initialʼs VIRUSKILLER™ Air Purifier. Sterilise the air by removing bacteria and viruses, including Coronavirus* on a single air pass.

InspireAir 72

Atmosphere exists in many types of microorganisms and harmful microorganisms. Install an air purifier system with HEPA 4-layer filter technology to help disinfect and improve the amount of indoor air.

Premium Scenting

Elevate your customer experience to another level with scent marketing solution.

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Feminine Hygiene

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Floor Care

Keep your floors clean and hygienic to create a better welcome for staff and visitors.


Extend your hospitality to the little details.

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