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Mould treatment and prevention

An effective, long lasting solution that eliminates mould from your premises. Protecting you from harmful airborne mould spores.

The presence of moisture and warm temperatures such as the humid, tropical conditions seen across Hong Kong and Macau can encourage mould to thrive. Mould spores establish themselves in hidden areas throughout our homes and can cause a variety of health hazards to us and our pets, including allergic reactions or respiratory illnesses.

Key attributes

  • Improve hygiene by eliminating mould growth
  • Targeted and effective stain treatment
  • Protects your home and health from harmful airborne mould spores

Inspection and reporting

Prior to treatment, our professional service technicians will carry out an assessment to determine the level of infestation and the best course of action. Our technical experts can then provide a detailed report showing the risks and recommended actions.



Mould remover

Areas of harsh infestation will be treated with a liquid mould remover to eliminate the toughest infestations. At Initial, we take pride in using safe chemicals to protect you and your home.

Steam and mechanical treatment

Steam and mechanical treatment

Our team will then use the steam for hard, non pourus surfaces and manual scrubbing for removal of mould residues.



Our team will apply our EPA registered disinfectant throughout the premise through misting to ensure even the hard to reach areas are treated. This is an all natural product and contains no harsh chemicals. It is extremely effective against mould, mildew and fungi, as well as bacteria and viruses.


We will apply our unique probiotic formulation to provide a microbial barrier against mould. The combination of enzymes in helps to prevent mould colonisation and offensive odours in all indoor areas such as carpets, fabrics and other soft furnishings. It leaves an invisible barrier that encapsulates mould-fighting natural enzymes and probiotics. The probiotics remain dormant during the dry season. When growth conditions are favourable probiotics out-compete the mould.

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