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Washroom hygiene

Our washroom solutions help enhance user experience and minimise the risk of cross-contamination throughout the facility.

Hygiene is always the greatest challenge in washroom environment. The washroom is a relatively damp area, with a large number of harmful bacteria breed and multiply in this place everyday. Many people only consider that the a washroom with odor will make them feel uncomfortable.

However, we are not aware that this smell is a kind of toxic gas mixed with ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane and carbon dioxide. Mites, mould and other disease-causing bacteria can easily live in washroom on the surface of flush buttons, door handles, walls, floors and ceiling.

Redefine your washroom and hygiene standards. Our Signature washroom products have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot award for their super-hygienic functionality, sleek and contemporary design.

Harnessing the power of colour psychology - The Signature COLOUR Range is innovated to create a powerful visual in the washroom, while optimising hygiene standards.

Make a great impression the moment visitors walk through the door. Crafted from finest grade stainless steel, the Reflection Range combines premium design with state-of-the-art hygiene technology.

Providing women with a safe, discreet, easy to use, and hygienic solution offering them complete reassurance whilst using your facility.

Our nappy disposal service is a complete solution that will keep your toilet and baby changing facilities hygienic and smelling good. The bin itself is ultra-hygienic, discreet and is regularly serviced with highly effective deodorising sachets that combat odours.

Sensory marketing has slowly transformed into an important role to drive business revenue. This is because scent marketing is able to speak for your brand, turning branding opportunity to loyalty and best yet, to distinguish your brand from others.

Proper hand hygiene aids in the reduction of potentially harmful bacteria from the hands. Promoting regular hand washing, drying and sanitising within your business is vital in reducing the level of cross contamination that occurs within your workplace and helps to reduce absenteeism.

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When it comes to using public toilets, nobody wants to experience unpleasant smells, in the same way no one wants to experience a washroom which is unhygienic or missing essential amenities such as hand soap and toilet paper....

We are committed to protecting our customers around the world and in Hong Kong through the delivery of world-class hygiene and pest services.

Do you know? Can good bathroom habits help minimise the risk of bacterial cross-infection? Learn more about bacterial cross-infection and tips for improvement now.

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