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Macau hygiene services

Keeping businesses hygienically safe for over 55 years. We deliver innovative, integrated, and discreet services for your business in Macau.

Initial offers a wide range of hygiene services for your business in Macau for hotels & resorts, manufacturing, public sector, office management and other commercial industries. Our Macau hygiene team of experienced technicians are making working environments healthier and better places to be for both staff and visitors.

We have technicians near you in Macau

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Hygiene experts near you in Macau

Our team of experts can help to keep your business hygienically safe and your people and customers protected.

Our Macau branch covers these areas:

  1. Municipality of Macau
  2. Municipality of Ilhas

Our Macau branch services include:

Floor matsFeminine hygieneAir freshenerAir purificationHand sanitisation | Premium scenting

Commercial hygiene services in Macau

Based in Macau, our commercial hygiene team specialises in helping businesses to ensure their premises are hygienically safe with entrance mats, female hygiene and air freshening solutions for hotels & resorts, building management agencies, offices, and public sector. We work closely with businesses across Macau to provide industry-leading, innovative hygiene products and services. 

We offer commercial customers dedicated national account management services with a single point of contact to ensure local service delivery is provided effectively, consistently, and to agreed service levels.


Science and Innovation
Our team of product development chemists, microbiologists and formulators ensure our solutions are laboratory tested and regulatory approved.
Local technicians
Our expertly trained technicians deliver the highest quality service and advice to create safer working environments. Whether in the municipality of Macau or Ilhas.
Trusted expertise
For over 55 years, we have helped businesses keep their staff and customers hygienically safe in Macau.

Frequently asked questions

We are with you, every step of the way to help keep your business hygienically safe and protect your people and premises. If you have any questions about the most appropriate hygiene products or services for your business, contact Initial Macau or search hundreds of questions from business owners just like you.

How can I safely re-open my business in Macau?

Initial Hygiene offers a range of different solutions for Macau business owners to safely reopen and ensure employee and customer safety. Our expert technicians are ready to conduct a professional evaluation of your premise and recommend one of our available solutions, for example the automatic soap dispenser uses infrared motion detection to offer a hands-free hygiene experience to your business to reduce transmissions.


What is the cost of a premises hygiene audit/ what’s involved in a hygiene audit for my business in Macau?

One of our expert consultants will meet with you to conduct a thorough assessment of your current hygiene standards. Once we fully understand who you are and what you need, you will then be provided with specific, fully-quoted hygiene solutions to meet the time demands of your business.

Do you offer environmentally safe/non toxic cleaning products?

Yes. We value health and safety for our people and customers and treat safety as a top priority. We do so by upholding the highest Health & Safety standards set out by the local Macau government and as defined by the ISO for quality management.


Is it easy to change my services account to Initial without unnecessary disruption?

Yes, our dedicated account teams will accompany you every step of the way. We have many years of experience migrating customers from existing providers to Initial Hygiene with no disruption in service cover. We will get to know how you operate and what you require and make it our business to tailor and implement our hygiene services accordingly.

Can I have my supplies delivered at a time that suits me?

Yes, you will have the opportunity to provide your exact service requirements and preferences during your first meeting with our local Hygiene expert. We will do our best to fulfil these.

What air purifying solutions are available to my business in Macau?

Our air purifiers not only make your environments smell fresh - they also help up to 98% of airborne and surface bacteria, mould, mildew and yeast on contact. We also provide comprehensive servicing to keep your air purifiers in the best working order.