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How effective are toilet seat sanitisers in improving toilet hygiene?

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Hygiene as a whole encompasses a lot of different aspects. It should not be limited to physical well-being. Keeping the surroundings and other places of use clean is crucial too. A hygienic environment helps keep diseases and other illnesses at bay and keeps the surroundings healthy. 

The most common and used area that has a high chance of disease spread is the restroom/toilet area. These are a crucial area that requires the utmost attention. As per WHO research, around 892 million people worldwide practice open defecation. 

Whether it is a public toilet or personal toilet, cleanliness must be given due importance. The best way to ensure a clean toilet is to get the right toilet cleaning products. These toilet cleaning products will ensure a clean and sparkling toilet, at all times. 

Importance Of Toilet Hygiene

Many people might take toilets for granted, however many do not. In addition to using a toilet, ensuring its hygiene is a need too. Having a well-planned toilet cleaning routine eliminates bacteria and other insects from hovering around. Here is where using a good-quality toilet seat sanitiser will play a crucial role. These sanitisers help eliminate dirt, leave a fresh fragrance, and are powerful cleaning agents. 

Toilets and their sanitation plays a major role in our daily lives as this is an area we use often. As per WHO (World Health Organization), around 2.4 billion people are lacking improved sanitation facilities. 

Toilets are live savers, and if maintained properly, it can help combat the spread of deadly diseases. If not done so, it can soon become a breeding ground for bacteria and other infections. The goal of good toilet hygiene is to minimise the potential for pathogen transmission. 

Ensuring proper cleaning of toilets is crucial as it directly impacts our overall health. Especially after the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a tenfold increase in toilet cleaning. An unclean toilet strongly affects the surrounding environment and makes it unhealthy to a great extent. 

Consequences Of Using An Unhygienic Restroom

No one likes to use a toilet that stinks and is dirty. Unhygienic restrooms and dirty toilets is a major problem faced, especially public washrooms, and leads to several negative consequences. 

Dirty toilets are an unpleasant sight to see and emit an unbearable foul odor. No matter the type of toilet - Indian toilet, urinal toilet, or wall hung toilet, cleaning every type of toilet is necessary. Unclean toilets also raise the potential for the spread of bacteria and other infections. What are the possible consequences of using an unhygienic toilet, you ask? Let us have a look : 

  1. Unclean toilets lead to the build-up of bacteria whenever someone uses them. 
  2. The minerals in the toilet water might start staining the toilet bowl if it is not cleaned for an extended period. 
  3. A major consequence of an unhygienic toilet is the formation of molds. Molds grow quickly in moist environments.
  4. Toilets are a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. If not maintained regularly, it can become one of the major causes of infection. 


Ways To Maintain Toilet Hygiene

Maintaining toilet hygiene should be given due importance and done on a priority basis. What can be done to address the issue of dirty toilets? With simple and effective ways toilet cleaning can become an easy task. 

A complete toilet cleaning program should cover everything - cleaning the toilet rim as well as the toilet bowl. Here are some toilet hygiene rules that must be followed diligently : 

  1. Wiping Toilet Seat 

The foremost rule when using any toilet is to wipe off the toilet from front to back. This will help prevent the possible spread of any UTI infections. Make sure to use a toilet paper that is thick enough as it helps in faster absorption. 

  1. Flushing 

Never leave any toilet without flushing! Flushing after using any toilet is a ground rule and must be done at all costs. There are many individuals who might forget to flush especially if they are in a hurry. So always flush after use! 

  1. Close The Toilet Lid

Another basic hygiene rule is to always shut the toilet lid after using. Why, you ask? It is said that even after flushing there are a lot of bacteria that still thrive on the toilet. Hence, it becomes all the more important to shut the toilet lid after using. It will significantly help lower the spread of bacteria. 

  1. Wash Your Hands 

Washing hands is another vital toilet hygiene rule. This is more crucial from the point of view of maintaining personal hygiene. The moment you step out of the toilet without washing hands with soap and water, you increase the chances of germ spread. 

Human faeces carry a lot of germs with them and are a source of major infections and diseases including Salmonella and E.coli. 

  1. The Inside & Outside Of Toilet Bowl 

To ensure effective cleaning of the toilet bowl, it is best to use a toilet seat sanitiser. Not only from the outside but cleaning the toilet bowl from inside should not be ignored. 

  1. Dry Hands Before Stepping Out

In addition to proper washing of hands, drying your hands before stepping out is important too. It is said that damp hands attract more bacteria than dry hands. 


Cleaning after adding toilet seat sanitiser

Benefits of Installing Toilet Seat Sanitisers

We know, we know! Cleaning a toilet is nobody’s favorite chore! But with the right toilet cleaning products, you can get the task done effortlessly. And the best part is that these cleaners are very easy to use. 

Toilet seat sanitisers are hands down the best way to disinfect toilet seats as they help kill the toughest of germs. These are an effective way to sanitise toilets as they negate the spread of infections. 

It is best to use cleaners with anti-bacterial agents as they can easily destroy harmful bacteria and other odour-causing germs. Moreover, installing toilet seat sanitisers in public toilets will help protect them from possible infections and other toilet-borne diseases. Here are the benefits of using a toilet seat sanitiser to maintain a clean toilet : 

Germ Protection  

The prime purpose of toilet sanitisers is germ protection. Public toilets being used by many are filled with germs and other bacteria, which raises chances of infection and other diseases. By spraying toilet sanitisers, you can quickly disinfect the toilet seat and kill germs. 

Eliminates Bad Odor 

The chances of bad odor are relatively high in the washroom, especially if proper hygiene is not maintained. The urination and excretion in public toilets lead to a build-up of foul and unpleasant smells. Hence, the need for toilet sanitisers. 

There are sanitisers available in different fragrances - orange, lemon, mint, floral, and others.  

Initial India provides one of the best hygiene solutions today. By installing the toilet seat sanitiser machine by Initial India you can assure the visitors an extra level of protection. 

The machine is meant to be used before using the toilet. Doing so will help combat any tiny droplets of flush spray that land on the seat, and result in cross-contamination. It has a mild fragrance and dries quickly, leaving the toilet seat clean and fresh in minutes. 


Just like regular bathroom cleaning, toilet cleaning is essential too. Every part of the toilet, from the towel bowl to the rim of the toilet, requires thorough cleaning and maintenance. 

When it comes to toilet cleaning, it is not just about the quality. But the frequency of cleaning matters too. Proper toilet hygiene becomes necessary, especially in the office, public places, home, and other areas. 

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