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Washroom hygiene

Washrooms are high risk areas of contamination. Maintaining hygiene in the toilets and urinals is important. Frequently touched surfaces can become reservoirs for microorganisms and pathogens. Giving hygiene reassurance throughout your facility is a great challenge faced by an organisation. 

Initial Hygiene India offers a wide range of washroom solutions providing hygienic and safe washroom premises. 

Signature range

Quality throughout the Signature range is of a consistently high standard with products constructed to be both tough and durable with an integral antimicrobial surface that helps reduce the spread of germs.

Toilet and urinal sanitiser

Releases sanitising fluid into the flush water to fight bacteria and limescale buildup. It keeps your toilet and urinal bowls clean and hygienic, with a pleasant fragrance.

Toilet seat sanitiser

Sanitise the toilet seat before use for extra assurance of hygiene

Urinal screen

Urinal screens offer an effective means of keeping drains and urinals free-flowing and combating odour control

Menstrual hygiene

Discreet and reliable, offering superior hygiene protection with ease of use


Our Drainoscopy™ services help clear blocked urinal / water closet (WC), kitchen sinks, wash basin and indoor drain lines.

Your local washroom hygiene professionals

All Initial technicians are highly qualified and trained. Our local teams offer a wide range of global innovations and hand hygiene solutions to suit your business needs.

Washroom hygiene expertise

Helping businesses mitigate hygiene risks for over 120 years

Trust the experts
Local, accredited hygiene technicians.
Safe, effective solutions
A broad range of washroom hygiene options to suit your business needs.

Hand hygiene

Instill good hand hygiene habits in your workforce to reduce the risks of cross contamination and lowered productivity. Discover our full range of hand hygiene solutions.

About Initial

Initial Hygiene operates in more than 90 countries and is globally recognised as a trusted hygiene solution provider.