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The power of scenting

With consumers demanding more and more from brands, multi-sensory marketing represents a powerful opportunity to create long lasting and profitable customer relationships.

Smell is the most powerful of our five senses. Memories recalled by smell are significantly more emotional and evocative than those recalled by sight or sound.

Research shows that if you trigger a response from two of your consumer’s five senses, such as scent and visuals, the consumer’s experience is enhanced and brand recall is multiplied.

With consumers demanding more from brands, multi-sensory marketing represents a powerful opportunity to create long-lasting and profitable customer relationships. From increased footfall and purchase intentions to a higher number of return visits, multi-sensory marketing can elevate your business beyond its current state. It also helps companies enhance employees’ work experiences, leading to higher morale and productivity.

We will work with you to select the fragrance notes that match your needs. Scent selection is not primarily about likes or dislikes, but what best reflects your brand identity, your objectives, and the customer experience that you wish to create.

Create and enhance your customer experience with premium scenting today.

The benefits of scenting

Research on the effects of scents on human behaviour shows that apart from creating a more pleasant and memorable experience, the intelligent use of scents can produce a number of substantial benefits for businesses, such as increased brand recognition and favourable business reputation, leading to increased revenues.


Ambient scenting enhances the buying experience in your space, using fragrance to create a pleasant atmosphere. The right aroma can make your premises warm and welcoming or memorable by associating the scent with a good experience.


Besides enhancing ambience, scenting also offers therapeutic benefits. Scientific studies have shown that pleasant aromas can raise productivity, morale and even reduce stress among employees when used in the office environment.

Odour remediation

Bad odour is one of the major factors that contributes to indoor air quality problems which may affect your brand image. The approach of our Premium Scenting solutions to odour remediation involves identification of the malodour and formulation of a neutraliser that is suitable for your space.

A range of scents to leverage your brand

Scent choices:

  • lime blossom
  • green tea and verbena
  • water lilly
  • wild fig
  • soothing forest
  • sleep mist
  • lemon grass
  • jasmine

The right scent can set you apart from the competition, create an inspiring ambience and increase engagement with your brand. 

Scenting for the washroom

Presenting itself as an innovative alternative, Premium Scenting uses aroma diffuser technology to effectively remove bad smells and provide consistent scent coverage.

Sensory marketing has slowly transformed into an important role to drive business revenue. This is because scent marketing is able to speak for your brand, turning branding opportunity to loyalty and best yet, to distinguish your brand from others. 

Premium Scenting uses aroma diffuser technology, an innovation that provides consistent scent coverage for effective odour remediation. Thus ensuring your visitor's experience is seamless from the moment they step through your doors.


Retail brand stores

Create a distinct atmosphere that’s perfect for welcoming new and existing customers that will stay longer and return more frequently.

Shopping centres

Transform your shopping environment into a desirable destination. Ensure your shoppers have positive experiences that enhances your reputation.

Food and beverage

Complement your food and drinks with the right scent to encourage return visits and positive word of mouth from your diners.

Car showrooms

Increase browsing time and ensuring your showroom has the right ambience that helps increase customer dwell time, a key factor in the likelihood of purchase.

Hotels and hospitality

Maintain high standards and deliver a memorable guest experience. Ensure your hotel stands out from the crowd that is positive for customer ratings.


Make better first impressions for your visitors while keeping your workforce focused, efficient, and productive.

Air hygiene solutions

View our full range of air purification, freshening and sanitising solutions.

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