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InspireAir 72

Our air purifier uses ozone to eliminate bad odours and kill harmful airborne bacteria.

One of the major concerns to businesses. schools, hotels and clinics is indoor air quality, because it affects the health, wellbeing and productivity of the people using their buildings.

Airborne particles are gaseous pollutants from industrial activity, vehicles, building materials and many subtances that we use indoor contaminate the air that we breathe inside buildings.

There is no safe level of airborne pollutants. According to WHO, 50% of people are affected by indoor air pollution and 68% of all diseases are related to air pollution

Air filtration solution - InspireAir 72

The InspireAir 72 air filter creates a cleaner and cleaner air source, with a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 600m3 / h - strong enough to clean a 36m2 room in 10 minutes. The filter helps to circulate and filter the surrounding air with a sophisticated filtration system to remove pollutant particles and gases.

The air we breathe every day contains a host of chemicals, gases and biological agents that can affect our health and our senses. To control this, make sure the surrounding air is of better quality for you and your neighbors. The InspireAir 72 is also suitable for many areas: in offices, schools, hotels, gyms, health centers, spas, wellness centers and clinics - anywhere that people have enjoy a healthier, more comfortable and productive environment.

Air purifier InspireAir 72

  • Remove 95% of harmful particles in the air
  • Eliminate odors like cigarette smoke
  • Display air quality in real time
  • Obtain even the smallest pollen grains
  • Automatic and dynamic operating mode
  • Measuring temperature, humidity, PM2,5, volatile
  • Organic compound (VOC)
  • 4-step filtration procedure with primary filtration,
  • HEPA filter, activated carbon VOC filter and clean air disinfection
  • Discreet wheels allow easy device movement


Technical data

  • Capacity: CADR 600m3 / h
  • Dimensions: H 710mm x W 479mm x D 269mm
  • Weight: 10.5kg

Benefits of Clean Air

  • Reduces the droplets carried in the air which can land on surfaces and cause risk of cross contamination
  • Leads to higher morale and productivity in a hygienic environment
  • Lower absenteeism and presenteeism
  • Promote good company image

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