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About Initial

We go further to protect and enhance the things that matter most to you.

Initial Hygiene in Fiji is part of a service-based company that consists of several different divisions that operate in some 40 countries around the world. Services we provide include cleaning, textiles, facilities services and, of course, washroom and hygiene services.

Our experience and attention to detail makes Initial one of the global leaders in the provision of quality washroom and hygiene services.

With 5 hygiene service centres in Fiji alone, we have been setting industry standards since the 1980s. Our steady growth has been based on the highest level of service, market leading product and service development and a strong knowledge of what our customers need and value.

History, Values and Culture

Initial in Fiji has been offering a wide range of hygiene services since the 1980s and we have now become the preferred supplier for many companies.

Initial began trading in England in 1903 when an American, Mr A.P.Bigelow, started a towel rental service for businesses in central London. Each customer had their initials embroidered on their towels – and so the Initial Towel Supply Company was born. Over the years the business grew and expanded into many other countries. It was acquired by the Rentokil group in 1996, and renamed Rentokil Initial. Rentokil added international know-how and business acumen to the group’s operations, and the two businesses still trade separately under the Rentokil and Initial brand names.

Values and Culture
Initial has a decentralized structure with strong operational management at local level. We believe in streamlining management and investing in recruitment, training, technology and improving the environment. Empowering our employees through development programmes helps you always receive the best customer service. All our employees follow our Code of Ethics. For you this means:

  • A ‘customer-first’ philosophy.
  • A service provider who proactively cares for the environment.
  • A direct and transparent way of dealing with all customers and staff.

People Matter

Ours is a people-based business. Our people provide the highest level of hygiene services allowing your people enjoy a level of comfort, hygiene, cleanliness and convenience that allows them to get on with their jobs without distraction. Customers and visitors to your premises experiencing a clean, hygienic level of washroom service that reflects well on your business.

Our People
You may not see much of our people. They are unobtrusive and often do their job when you’re not around. But you will appreciate their efforts. Clean, well-designed, well-stocked washrooms – one less thing for your business to worry about. All our staff are thoroughly trained in their duties. Devolved responsibility means they take pride in their performance – and you enjoy a higher quality of customer service.

Your People
The hygiene of washrooms are not a matter of great concern in many organisations – until something goes wrong. With Initial’s guaranteed service levels your staff, customers and visitors can rely on unbroken comfort, hygiene and convenience in all your washrooms at all times.

Our Approach

Washroom hygiene is a process we’ve studied closely for many years. We’ve refined our approach to a point where our unobtrusive yet effective hygiene service is a byword in the industry. We always start by understanding your needs – then putting in place levels of service to meet them.

Initial also provide companies with Deep Hygiene Treatment, but however many services you choose to source from Initial you’ll always enjoy a high level of professionalism when dealing with our organisation. Your dedicated account manager will constantly assess how well we are meeting your needs, and suggest alterations from time to time. You will also have the option of having either a monthly, quarterly or annual billing.

Our commitment to the environment

Sustainability is rapidly climbing the agenda of every organisation driven by growing concerns for corporate social responsibility and duty of care, an increasing awareness of the need for environmental protection, ever more stringent legislation and rising landfill costs.

Initial leads the industry in the development of more environmentally-friendly, sustainable products and solutions. Our commitment to the environment is integral to the way we work and influences the local causes we support:

  • Waste Management - We take great care on how we dispose of waste from our services and ensure all waste management solutions are compliant with local legislation and our experts work in partnership with customers to develop an effective waste minimisation programme.
  • Product development - We develop products, packaging and consumables with low power consumption and minimal environmental impact
  • Rainforest Rescue – Initial Hygiene is a proud sponsor of Rainforest Rescue and the Daintree Rainforest (Buy Back and Protect Forever) Project

Awards & Accolades

The Initial Signature range has collected prestigious, international accolades as it sets a new benchmark for hygiene product excellence through design innovation.

The Red Dot Design Awards are an internationally-recognised product accolade. Previous winners include high profile brands such as Mercedes, Apple, Bosch and Issey Miyake.

“A minimalist use of form and the highest degree of functionality with regard to user-friendliness and ease of use characterise the Signature range of hygiene products.”
Statement by the jury, Red Dot Design Awards 2014

Key design features of the Signature range include:

  • Embodiment of form and function, addressing hygiene needs through the integration of sensor technologies and user-led innovation.
  • Smooth, anti-microbial surfaces preventing bacterial growth.
  • Promoting accessibility of products for end-users and serviceability for facilities owners.
  • Structures built on ergonomic studies of layout, positioning and user interaction.
  • Humanistic design to give users natural directional cues to understanding the product and its function.
  • Versatile colour schemes of neutral palettes that complement most environments.
  • All products tested for hard wearing durability of up to 3.8 million operations; materials fully recyclable.


Why wouldn't I do it all myself?

We provide exclusive, quality products and consumables that are unique to Initial. All of our products have been extensively tested so they comply with all health and safety regulations. Our service teams are trained to perform our service efficiently and at a consistently high standard. You and your teams can focus on activities that add real value to your business.

Can I have my supplies delivered at hours that suit me?

On your first meeting with our local hygiene expert, you will have the opportunity to provide your exact service requirements and preferences, which we will do our best to fulfil.

Can I count on you? I don't want to have to worry.

Initial is one of the largest washroom hygiene businesses in the world. Our success and reputation are built on the dependability of our service. We proudly service thousands of customers in Fiji and throughout the world. Our local branches will give you the peace of mind that professional and friendly people will be looking after you in your own area.

Will your fittings service include repairing old holes, etc?

Our team will survey your premises and make bespoke recommendations based on the most appropriate placements. We ensure that work is carried to the highest standards and make every effort to ensure your installation enhances your business.

What business sizes do you cater for?

We operate throughout the country and serve some of the largest companies in Fiji and around the world. We are scaled to deliver consistently high levels of service whether you are a small single-site business or a multi‐site, multi‐national organisation.

Is it easy to change my hygiene services account to Initial without unnecessary disruption?

Our dedicated account teams will accompany you every step of the way. We have extensive experience migrating customers from existing providers to Initial with no disruption in service cover. We will get to know how you operate and what you require and make it our business to tailor and implement our hygiene services accordingly.

Can you provide good value customer service?

At Initial, quality of service, efficiency and providing value for money are fundamental aspects of our hygiene services offering. Our dedication to maintaining and raising service standards brings us recognition in the form of customer commendations and global awards.

How long will it take to receive a quote?

Our expert consultants will meet with you to conduct a thorough audit of your hygiene services needs. Once we fully understand who you are and what you need, our dedicated account teams will provide a specific, fully‐quoted hygiene service recommendation, always endeavouring to meet the time frames and demands of your business.

Will you provide the right hygiene service at the right price?

Initial will provide tailored hygiene solutions to suit your business and your budget. However large or small your service level agreement, you’ll always enjoy a single point of contact whenever you deal with Initial. Your dedicated account consultant will have complete oversight of your requirements and will be available to answer any questions you may have.

Will you provide regular product and service updates?

Our focus on research and development means that our hygiene service offering is continually developing and we are always keen to utilise the most up‐to‐date technology advancements in our drive to increase hygiene standards whilst keeping the environment in mind. Our account consultants are committed to providing you with the latest relevant information at regular intervals.

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