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Initial hygiene services in Suva

Our hygiene consultants across Suva provide expertise supported by effective hygiene services to help you create a healthier, cleaner, safer indoors - in and outside the washroom.


Our hygiene specialists in Suva offer a wide range of hygiene solutions across commercial contract cleaning, washroom solutions, surface disinfection, air quality solutions and hand sanitising services to suit any budget. Our 360-degree approach to hygiene services helps to break infection chains and prevent cross-contamination in your workplace. The friendly Suva team will provide recommendations for effective hygiene solutions, safe products, and services to reduce the risk of transmission and create healthier indoor environments. Initial is committed to helping improve local productivity while keeping you and your business safe.

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Hygiene experts near you in Suva

We have technicians near you in Suva

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We cover these services:

Commercial contract cleaningHand Hygiene | Washroom servicesFeminine hygiene bins | Air purification | Odour control | Surface disinfection

 Commercial hygiene solutions in Suva

As the political and economic centre of Fiji, Suva hosts the majority of the regional headquarters of major international corporations, international agencies and diplomatic missions. Initial supports many of these businesses across Suva with an extensive range of hygiene solutions and services including washroom services, indoor air quality technology and hand and surface disinfection products.

Hand hygiene services for businesses in Suva

Good hand hygiene is crucial in the efforts to reduce transmission of illness and harmful pathogens from person to person. At Initial, we provide a wide range of hand sanitisers and soaps and sleek modern dispensers to ensure your employees and customers have easy access to hand hygiene solutions that offer peace of mind and provide a higher level of protection against sickness transmission.

Science and Innovation
Our team of product development chemists, microbiologists and formulators ensure our solutions are laboratory tested and regulatory approved.
Local technicians
Our expertly trained technicians deliver the highest quality service and advice to create safer working environments.
Trusted expertise
For over 100 years, we have helped businesses keep their staff and customers hygienically safe.


Initial is here to help keep your business hygienically safe and protect your people and premises. If you have any questions about the most appropriate hygiene products or services for your business, contact our Initial Suva team. Some of our more frequently asked questions (and answers) are here but if there is anything specific you need to discuss please get in touch.

Does Initial hygiene cover hygiene services outside of the washroom?

Initial services our customers in Suva with a complete end to end hygiene offering. We are committed to keeping the Suva community safe. We offer washroom, air, surface and hand hygiene solutions that allow convenience and peace of mind. We strive to create healthier and safer work environments for staff, guests, and visitors in businesses across Fiji.

What size businesses do you cater for?

From hospitality to retail, schools to commercial offices, we service businesses in all industries and all sizes. For a comprehensive, tailored review of your business requirements when it comes to a safer cleaner indoors, call the Suva team today.

What is involved in a hygiene audit for my business in Suva?

Hygiene audits involve a detailed survey of your premises to help identify hygiene gaps and potential risk areas. We understand that hygiene requirements will vary per business so our hygiene experts in Suva will work with you to address your concerns and develop a plan, tailored to your exact needs.