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Initial hygiene services in Lautoka

Businesses across the Lautoka region rely on Initial Hygiene to create a safer, cleaner healthier indoors, both in and outside the washroom

From washroom solutions, to indoor air quality technology, hand sanitising to surface disinfection, Initial Hygiene offers a comprehensive 360 degree approach to best practice hygiene to help create a healthier, indoors and give your customers patients, residents guests and staff peace of mind when it comes to a safer indoor environment

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We have technicians near you in Lautoka

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Washroom services | Hand hygiene | Soaps | Feminine hygiene bins | Odour control | Air purification | Washroom paper towels

 Commercial hygiene solutions in Lautoka

Perched on the west coast, Lautoka is the second largest city among Fiji's 332 islands. It is also the second gateway, after the capital city of Suva, to Fiji's experience of tropical paradise. Initial Hygiene is proud to support and service hundreds of customers across the Lautoka region with a wide range of hygiene solutions, including washroom air purification and hand and surface disinfection services, to help create and maintain a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene in the indoor environment. We service all areas of Lautoka through our extensive team of highly skilled hygiene consultants and technicians.

Washroom services in Lautoka

Our washroom solutions provide peace of mind and create healthier, cleaner more hygiene washrooms to businesses across the Lautoka region. Brand perception can be affected by the cleanliness of the washroom and customer expectation on hygiene standards in the washroom has never been higher. From sanitary disposal services to hand dryers, soaps to paper towels, we support hundreds of businesses in the Lautoka region to ensure safe, clean access to hygienic washroom facilities.

Science and Innovation
Our team of product development chemists, microbiologists and formulators ensure our solutions are laboratory tested and regulatory approved.
Local technicians
Our expertly trained technicians deliver the highest quality service and advice to create safer working environments.
Trusted expertise
For over 100 years, we have helped businesses keep their staff and customers hygienically safe.



Initial Hygiene is here to help keep your business hygienically safe and protected, as well as your people and premises. If you have any questions about the most appropriate hygiene products or services for your business, contact Initial Lautoka. Some of our more frequently asked questions (and answers) are here, but if there is anything specific you need to discuss, please just give our Initial Lautoka team a call.

How quickly or easily can I switch my hygiene contracts to Initial without any disruption to my business?

Continuity of hygiene best practice is very important to the Initial team. Your Account Manager will work closely with you and our local Lautoka Service teams to ensure your transition to Initial is as seamless as possible and in line with the expectations of your business

Can I have my supplies delivered at a time that suits me?

We operate throughout the country and serve some of the largest companies in Lautoka. We are scaled to deliver consistently high levels of service whether you are a small single site business or a multi‐site, multi‐national organisation.

What air purifying solutions are available to my business in Lautoka?

We have a complete range of air purification solutions available to suit all industry sectors and requirements, whether that's for your hotel, education or in the office. Our Inspire 72 and Viruskiller range both work very effectively to remove sick, dirty and toxic air from the indoor environment