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Other industries

Our hygiene products, services and scenting solutions support all business sectors across Fiji. Whatever sector your business is in, we have a range of innovative and effective solutions to help keep your staff, customers and guests safe.

Our team of experts can help you to provide a pleasant  and safe hygienic workspace for your staff and customers, whatever your business. Utilising our experience in scenting and hygiene we will deliver safe and effective solutions to suit your business needs. As part of our hygiene audit, we identify critical hygiene hotspots and develop a plan to suit your environment, delivering tailored expertise to help you stay hygienically safe and legally compliant.


Restaurants and bars

We understand that happy customers who keep coming back are vital to your business. Sensory stimulation, clean and hygienic facilities are all important factors influencing a customer's decision to return. The impact of poor facilities can have an enormous impact; it can not only damage your brand and reputation but could lead you to fail food safety regulations. Good hygiene is vital to the performance of your business and it applies to all areas of your premises, from washrooms and staff rooms, to serving areas and tables.


Avoiding cross-contamination in the healthcare sector should be a top priority. It’s important for healthcare providers to reduce the risk of infections and encourage high standards of hygiene in staff and visitors. Our integrated hygiene solutions, such as hygienic door handles, no-touch dispensers and kind-to-the-skin soaps, will help to minimise cross-contamination and help prevent infections while reassuring staff, customers and visitors.

Aged care

From acute disability care, residential and retirement living to hospitals and doctor’s surgeries, providing good hygiene is a sign of respect and importance as these facilities are the ideal environment for dangerous outbreaks of communicable diseases. With large numbers of residents, often in close proximity to each other, there is an increased potential for infections to spread due to the sharing of dining and living resources. Our 360-degree hygiene solutions can help you mitigate the risk for aged care residents and staff across your business.


The priority in the education sector is to provide the best quality of learning and development, whilst keeping students and staff safe and healthy. Keeping healthy and avoiding illnesses is a big challenge in the context where interactions are encouraged through learning and play. Hygiene levels are also difficult to maintain within high footfall environments which peak during the day. The provision of adequate facilities in schools is a basic requirement and supports the prevention and spread of infection.

Planning and construction

We provide the widest range of Hygiene solutions for the planning and construction industries. We can help with the design and specification of washrooms for new buildings that will meet building regulations. We offer hygiene solutions that fit in with your designs and are environmentally friendly, and easy to service. We can also provide on-site washroom and hygiene services to the construction industry. Initial Hygiene supports the HD sector to ensure that a robust and extensive approach is applied to hygiene best practice from access to best in class washroom facilities, to a range of indoor air purification solutions, access to hand sanitising facilities to specialist surface disinfection.

Trade services

The role of a tradesperson demands a significant amount of manual, out–door and on-site work – and you need washrooms to cope with the demands of such environments. Whatever the size of your company, Initial Hygiene has a range of washroom services to suit your business. From washroom hygiene to surface air and hand solutions Initial Hygiene has a range of services for your trade.

Hygiene solutions tailored to your business

Our expert technicians are committed to helping you keep your environment hygienic, safe and healthy. Their aim, especially in the current situation, is to improve operational efficiencies with hygiene standards across all facilities, making significant contributions to the hygiene and wellbeing of employees and visitors. 

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