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Clinical waste disposal

Correct clinical waste management is vital for all businesses. There are stringent clinical waste regulations regarding its segregation, storage and disposal.

Initial Hong Kong provides an industry-leading clinical waste management service, as well as specialist products, to provide safe and compliant storage.

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste can be found in any business, but understanding the differences between clinical waste streams can be confusing. Infectious waste requires particular care in order to avoid infection spread in your premises. With Initial Hong Kong, you can rest assured that your clinical waste is fully taken care of.

After completing a site compliance audit to identify and categorise the waste you are producing, our expertly trained consultants will design a bespoke clinical waste collection plan to suit your business. This plan includes advice on the proper segregation of your clinical waste disposal.

Find out more about our trusted clinical waste collection service by reading about our products and services below or contact an Initial expert today for your free survey.

Clinical waste explained

What is Clinical Waste?

Clinical waste is defined in the Waste Disposal Ordinance. Clinical waste includes any waste that consists wholly or partly of:

  • Group 1 - Used or Contaminated Sharps
  • Group 2 - Laboratory Waste
  • Group 3 - Human and Animal Tissues
  • Group 4 - Infectious Materials
  • Group 5 - Dressings
  • Group 6 - Other Wastes

Clinical waste producers, waste collectors and the waste disposal facility operators are required to follow the regulations and fufill their responsibilities under the Clinical Waste Control Scheme. Please refer to the Waste Disposal (Clinical Waste) (General) Regulation for the details of the statutory control.

Clinical waste FAQs

Why is clinical waste hazardous?

Much of the medical waste that is produced by healthcare practices is infectious, putting those who come into contact with the waste into possible harm via virus transmission. Sharps waste poses a particular danger, causing injuries from needles and scalpels that could lead to dangerous infection spread.

Where should clinical waste be stored?

Before the collection of the clinical waste, your clinical waste bag or rigid container should be stored in a designated locked room or cupboard out of the way of all patients, customers and staff who enter your practice. The waste containers should be sealed and labelled properly, and they should not be left attented during the transfer of the waste.

Who collects my clinical waste?

Your clinical waste is collected by our expert technicians, following clinical waste regulations and local Coronavirus protocols to ensure a safe and compliant clinical waste disposal. Initial Hong Kong was officialy licensed by Enviornmental Protecting Department (EPD). 

When your clinical waste collections take place, you will be provided with relevant documentation. Please contact Initial Hong Kong for futher information.

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