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Air hand dryers

Stop the spread of germs with our range of high quality hand dryers.

Low energy and carbon emissions

Fast, efficient, low-energy motor dries hands as fast as just 12 seconds meaning low carbon emissions and a low running cost.

More hygienic

Reduce bacteria infestation and cross contamination due to the wet hand

Reduce waste and cost

Save 90% cost. No daily waste management required (as with paper towels) and no time, resources or costs associated with monitoring, restocking or reordering.

Good hand hygiene is one of the most effective ways to prevent the spread of germs and a high percentage of food-borne diseases are spread by contaminated hands. Hand drying is an integral part of good hand hygiene as wet hands can spread up to a thousand times more bacteria than dry hands.

Wet hands are a magnet for attracting bacteria, contributing to staff sickness and lost productivity. Stop the spread of germs with our range of high quality air hand dryers. Our experts will help you select the right option based on the your requirements and needs. We will also maintain your hand dryer to make sure that it looks good and stays in perfect working order. 

Luna Dry Air Hand Dryers

Stylish, sustainable hand dryer combining the latest technology and high aesthetics with environmentally friendly credentials while remaining cost-effective.

While high-performance hand dryers are effective at drying hands fast, Luna Dry achieves this by using a lot less power and producing considerably fewer carbon emissions.

  • Quiet mode reduces noise to 67dB from 72dB for minimal disruption.
  • Antimicrobial Cover. Protective antimicrobial cover with scratch-resistant surface prevents cross-contamination and illness.
  • HEPA Filtered Air Flow. The only hand dryer with a HEPA 13 media filter removing 99.97% airborne particles.
  • 12 Seconds Speedy Dry.
  • No-touch Design
  • 5 years warranty provided



Height: 323mm

Width: 271mm

Depth: 145mm

Weight 2.6kg



Electrical supply - 220-240V

Electrical supply frequency - 50Hz

Standby mode - <0.5W

Rated power - 320W

Rated power [heater switched on] 720W


HEPA Filter

Intelligent HEPA 13 media filtration and a low-carbon, digital motor.

EPA filter in the Plug & Play removes at least 99.97% of dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, and any airborne particles with a size of 0.3 microns.

Air Hand Dryers

Provides total solution for toilet users and the way they dry theirs hands. At the same time, lower your operation cost by reducing the use of toilet paper.

  • Dry by warm air.
  • Quick, efficient and safe automatic operation.
  • Avoids paper towels disposal problem.
  • Save human resources and money.
  • Clean warm air dries the hand without risk.
  • No touch feature with lower opportunity of cross infection amongst toilet user.


Dimensions: H 210cm x W 320mm x D 175mm (Automatic and Manual)

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Find out how our hand dryer solution brings a safe and mind-free toilet, reduces your daily operation cost, and helps your sustainability goals. 

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