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Nappy disposal service

Our nappy bin offers a solution to keep toilet hygienic and smelling good with deodorising sachets that combat odours.

Our nappy disposal service is a complete solution that will keep your toilet and baby changing facilities hygienic and smelling good. The bin itself is ultra-hygienic, discreet and is regularly serviced with highly effective deodorising sachets that combat odours. We also provide a comprehensive waste disposal service with every unit, so you can be confident your toilet and baby changing facilities will remain operational and super-clean.

Nappy unit

  • Integral antibacterial technology to prevent the spread of bacteria.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Slimline and easy to fit in any room size.
  • Concealed liner retainer to ensure the bag is out of view.
  • Tested to last with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Capacity – 26L
  • Dimensions: H 735mm x W 442mm x D 248mm.
  • Weight: 3.7kg.


  • 容量— 26 公升;
  • 體積:高 735 毫米 X 闊 442 毫米 X 深 248 毫米;
  • 重量:3.7 公斤;

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