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Signature COLOUR washroom range

Harnessing the power of colour psychology - the Signature COLOUR range is innovated to create a powerful visual in the washroom, while optimising hygiene standards.

Did you know? Colour choice can influence mood, behavior, reflect brand personality, and even help to improve hygiene standards. The 7 colours in this range complement interior designs, match decor and aesthetically enhance today's modern washroom designs, becoming a lifestyle space. The Signature COLOUR range is able to achieve key experience attributes for your brand and image with elegance, sophistication, refinement and luxury.

People make initial judgement in less than 90 seconds, with decisions influenced by colours. The Signature COLOUR range is able to achieve key experience attributes for your brand and image with elegance, sophistication, refinement and luxury.

Colour psychology

The colour green reassures abundance of refreshment and harmony. Colour has a psychological influence on mood and behavior, reflect brand personality, evoke emotion and help create positive impact to end users. Find out more about the 7 colours today with the Signature COLOUR range.

Our Signature Colour products

No-touch feminine hygiene units

No-touch system for superior hygiene protection – quiet and reliable to use.

Toilet and urinal dual sanitiser

Protects toilets and urinals against the build-up of uric scale and bacteria.

Toilet roll dispenser

Quality dispenser with a robust design and fingerprint resistant surface – ideal for high-use.

Toilet seat cleaner dispenser

Stylish unit designed to sit alongside your toilet roll dispenser – provides extra reassurance for washroom users.

Soap dispenser

Simple, elegant and exceptionally hygienic.

Hand sanitiser

A stylish addition to the washroom that ensures good hand hygiene and stops the spread of germs.

Paper towel dispenser

High quality dispensers, encasing your paper towels in a protected environment.

Air fresh fan

Ideal for use in open-concept-washroom environments ensuring a consistent aroma throughout the working day.

Air freshener

Automatically dispense welcoming fragrances into your washrooms – simple and hassle-free.

All of our colours

Hygiene insights

Is washroom malodour impacting your business?

When it comes to using public toilets, nobody wants to experience unpleasant smells, in the same way no one wants to experience a washroom which is unhygienic or missing essential amenities such as hand soap and toilet paper....

6 Tips to enhance the washroom journey

Whether they are working in an office, spending time in a shopping mall, learning at school or enjoying a meal in a restaurant, people will visit the toilets at some point if they stay in a particular place for some time.

6 Ways to reduce washroom malodour

Worryingly, washrooms perceived as unhygienic can drive up to a third of customers and visitors away, reduce the likelihood of return visits and reflect badly on a business reputation.

Signature washroom range

Redefine your washroom and hygiene standards. Our Signature washroom products have been awarded the prestigious Red Dot award for their super-hygienic functionality, sleek and contemporary design.

Reflection washroom range

Make a great impression the moment visitors walk through the door. Crafted from finest grade stainless steel, the Reflection Range combines premium design with state-of-the-art hygiene technology.