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Drainoscopy - The Drain Doctor

It is necessary to install an effective drainage system to ensure adequate cleanliness. Over a while, there are chances of wear and tear that might occur in the drainage system. Apart from that, maintaining a drainage system is another aspect that needs attention. Regular maintenance and cleaning of drains will help to keep them in check and ensure their efficient functioning.

A drain cleaner helps in the process of drain cleaning and leads to the prevention of clogged drains. It is a chemical-based product that offers a solution to get rid of any foreign objects that may get accumulated in the drains. Drain cleaners might appear either in powder form or liquid form. 

Reasons for blocked drains

Blocked drains are a common problem faced by many people. No matter how hard you try to keep it clean, it is inevitable to prevent objects from entering the drains. Some common causes of drain blockage include:

Foreign objects 

The most common reason for blocked drains is the build-up of unknown objects like hair, soap, food, and fat storage. The accumulation of these objects increases with time and eventually leads to blocking the flow of water. A common problem observed in kitchen sinks and water closets. 

Incorrect installation of pipe 

At times in cases of emergencies, and due to the non-availability of labour, we tend to install the pipe on our own. Further, resulting in its wrong installation, and thereby, leading to blocked drains and eventually damaging the drain pipes. It is always better to choose high-quality drainage pipes to avoid any property damage. 

Grease build-up

Many times, grease and fat build-up in the drain pipes, thereby leading to congestion. The sticky properties get attached to the inner sides of the pipes, causing the clogging of drains. It is always a good idea to make sure what substances and liquid are entering the drain pipes to avoid any such grease build-up.      

The major areas where drain blockage is commonly seen are as follows:

  • Urinal 
  • Water Closet (WC)
  • Kitchen sink 
  • Wash basin 

Importance of drain cleaning 

Drain cleaning is essential to maintain the overall hygiene of any given place. It is necessary to regularly wash the drains and keep them clean to avoid any further contamination. Many times, an unclean drain will result in the accumulation of hair, soap, oils, dirt, and clogs. Let us look into why drain cleaning is essential to be done:

  • Prevention of waste accumulation 

Drain clogging is a common problem faced when the drains are left unclean. Due to the built-up of waste like hair, soap foam, matchsticks, and grease, clogging appears in the drains. Clogging of drains will result in water not flowing smoothly through the drain pipes. Hence, it will result in more and more water getting filled in the kitchen sink or washbasins. 

  • No foul odour 

An under-maintained drain will result in a foul odour over a while. Drain accessories usually get covered with debris or molds that begin to spread odour, if not cleaned for long. Additionally, the sewer water might get trapped, adding more to the foul smell. A thorough cleaning will ensure the removal of the dirt and eventually the odour. Further, it is equally important to clean drain grates for the removal of dirt, especially between the openings. 

  • Free flow of water 

A drainage system that is clean and has no dirt will result in the smooth, free flow of water. Moreover, it will prevent any accumulation of excess water that might cause flooding. It will also prevent stagnation of water so that mosquitoes do not build up their breeding grounds.  

It may appear to be tedious and dirty work, however, it is a necessity to maintain clean drains. Hence, the concept of Drainoscopy™ comes into the picture. With the application of drainsocopy, cleaning of drains can be now done easily with the use of advanced technology. Let us understand the concept in a bit more detail:

Concept of Drainoscopy™ 

Drainoscopy™ is a smart and cost-effective way to ensure a clear, congestion-free drain pipe. It is an advanced technology that involves using a camera to identify what gets stored inside the drain pipes. The process of Drainoscopy™ involves skilled technicians, examining the inner part of the drains with the help of advanced and well-developed camera equipment. 

Drainoscopy™ is said to be the only way that will let you know what goes underground. The application of drainsocopy will help to identify different aspects including:

  • Pipe joints 
  • Pipes
  • Any damaged part of the pipe, if any

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