With our Drainoscopy™ inspection system - it is possible to quickly inspect and diagnose clogged drain lines. Our drain cleaning machine deliveres high torque to clear obstructions, through our electromichanical cables with cuters to muscle through the blockage.

Our Drainoscopy™ inspection tool is simple in design and extremely effective in cleaning the drain pipes. With its highly advanced electromechanical cables, the inspection tool leaves no stone unturned to ensure adequate cleaning of the drain pipes. 

The inspection tool takes a minimal amount of time in identifying the problem areas in the drain pipe. Furthermore, it has a high amount of energy to make the process of diagnosis faster and error-free.




  • No need to break tiles and wall to clean the drain lines.
  • No chemicals required to do this service & it is flexible to adjust in bended drain line and hard to reach areas.
  • We do provide Annual maintenance Contract or one-time service also.
  • Our services are suitable for blocked urinal / water closet (WC) kitchen sinks, wash basin and indoor drain lines upto 1 - 4 inch diameter.
  • Before After Images available with invoicing.


  • Our services are suitable for blocked urinal and water closet (WC) kitchen sinks, wash basins, and indoor drain lines up to 1-4 inches in diameter.

Menstrual hygiene

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Hand sanitiser

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