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Antimicrobial film

Antimicrobial film is a preventive solution that elevates your protection against infection.



Infected surfaces pose a risk of cross contamination.Antimicrobial film with copper-ion technology prohibits the growth of pathogens on its surface, reducing the risk of infection.

Antimicrobial film

Antimicrobial Film is a preventive solution and elevates your protection against diseases.


  • Effective against bovine coronavirus, SARS and microbes.
  • Eradicates infectious viruses and prohibits their dissemination.
  • Safe to human.
  • Easy installation 


  • Product Application
  • Door Handles
  • Arm Rest
  • Table Surface
  • Biometric machines
  • Elevator buttons
  • Digital Screens. 
  • Escalator Railings
  • Railings
  • Mall Trolleys
  • ATM Keypad

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Hand sanitiser

Provides total protection for your hands with our hand sanitiser which kills 99.9% germs and promotes better hygiene for all.