Improving Hand hygiene

Improving Hand Hygiene Practice

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Improving Hand Hygiene Practice

Good hand hygiene is a fundamental part of minimising the spread of bacteria and infectious diseases such as the common cold and influenza. Thorough and regular hand washing, drying, and sanitising aids in the reduction and removal of potentially harmful bacteria from the hands. This is where Initial can help.

Hand washing reduces cross-contamination among bathroom users.  In fact, the simple act of hand washing can decrease the bacteria present on hands by up to 80%.

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Promoting regular hand washing, drying, and sanitising within your business is a vital part of reducing the level of cross-contamination that occurs within your workplace and in turn, helps to reduce absenteeism.

Talk to Initial about improving hand hygiene facilities within your business and ensure your employees and customers are protected against the risks associated with poor hand hygiene practices.

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