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A Trusted Initial Medical Waste Service

Initial Medical is a trusted medical waste management company in kenya  that helps businesses keep their staff, customers, and patients safe from the dangers of hazardous waste and infection spread.

Initial Medical offers a wide range of services, including infection prevention, medical waste segregation and storage, and waste disposal. Their services are tailored to the specific needs of each customer, and they are delivered by a team of highly trained local professionals.

If you are looking for a reliable and compliant medical waste management company, Initial Medical is a great option. .

Initial Medical is a kenya medical waste management company that helps businesses keep their staff and patients safe from hazardous waste and infection spread.


Find the medical waste services you need

Initial Medical services a large number of industries and understands the different requirements in the segregation and disposal methods required for the medical waste in your practice.

Initial Medical provides a wide range of medical waste management services to a variety of industries. They understand the different requirements for segregation and disposal methods, and they offer a variety of tough and reliable bags and bins for the storage of medical waste. Initial Medical is committed to sustainability, and they use recycled materials in their products and work to reduce emissions in their vehicles.

Initial Medical will tailor the frequency of your medical waste collection to your specific needs, and they can adjust it as needed. They use technology to track their services and provide electronic waste documentation. Initial Medical will also conduct a free compliance audit to help you meet your Duty of Care requirements.

Infectious Medical Waste disposal Unit

This unit is designed for the disposal of non-automatic waste, such as swabs, bandages, beddings, and plasters, that may have been contaminated with blood or body fluids. The unit is equipped with two pedal-operated bins, one with a 30-liter capacity and the other with a 60-liter capacity. Both bins are lined with red 80-micron liners, as per SANS 10248 guidelines. This ensures that the waste is securely contained and prevents the spread of infection.

Sharp Disposal Unit

This unit is intended for the safe disposal of healthcare risk waste, including items with rigid corners or edges that can cut, pierce, or puncture, such as needles, scalpels, razors, and pipettes. The unit is available in three sizes: 1 liter, 5 liters, and 11 liters. The 5-liter unit can be mounted on the wall using a bracket or placed on a stand. This ensures that sharp waste is handled safely and prevents the risk of injury or infection.

Infection control

Initial Medical sets the standard in infection control, offering innovative infection control products to help break the chain of transmission and prevent cross infection.

The Coronavirus pandemic has created significant change across the global economy, forcing many business closures whilst hospitals and other vital healthcare services have remained open. We can provide you with solutions to keep your key workers safe and gain trust from customers and visitors about the safety of your premises.

We also have a host of guidance on surface hygiene in your practice and the disposal of infectious medical waste from Coronavirus testing sites to keep your premises free of infectious pathogens.

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