Fighting bad smells

Fighting Bad Smells

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Fighting Bad Smells in Your Washroom

Maintaining a consistently high level of hygiene can be challenging in washrooms that are used intensively at peak times. Although some washroom users are more concerned with hygiene standards than others, according to our recent Global Air Hygiene Survey, bad smell in the public washroom has left 85% clients with negative perceptions of the environment and the business as most will directly associate bad smell with poor hygiene standards.

Impact of Washroom Malodour in Your Establishment

Worryingly, washrooms perceived as unhygienic can drive customers and visitors away, reducing the likelihood of return visits and reflecting badly on a business reputation. Our research has also shown that while 3 out of 4 Malaysians agreed to the above statement, 3 out of 5 Malaysians would give negative feedback to a place with smelly washrooms and tell their friends and family about their experience. 72% of respondents also said that unpleasant smelling toilet in shopping mall can have impact on their purchasing behaviour and make them less likely to shop there.

Solutions to Good Air Hygiene

Having a good cleaning routine is an important step to maintaining a hygienic, fresh-smelling washroom environment, but other elements should not be overlooked too. Video below introduces a selection of ideas to consider if you want a clean and hygienic washroom in your establishment at all times.

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Our range of air hygiene solutions are designed to remediate malodour, effectively ‘cleaning’ the air by neutralising bacteria that causes bad smells.