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Premium Scenting

Our Premium Scenting solution remediates odours while enhances your customer experience. Research shows that bad smells negatively impact the business by increasing avoidance behaviour due to unhygienic perceptions which could lead to decreased reputation.

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Benefits of Scenting

Initial Premium Scenting allows businesses to explore unique multisensory marketing opportunities. Research shows that Premium Scenting provides multiple benefits to your business.

It is found that fragrant aromas trigger our brains to remember pleasant events. Smells such as sea breeze may remind customers of a day at the beach, which relax them and associate positive emotions with the business.

Premium Scenting can increase customer perceptions of the business as well as increase purchase intentions by 80%. Our Premium Scenting units are equipped with patented micro-droplet technology to ensure uniform coverage throughout your business while providing the best ambient scenting experience available.

Scent Ranges

By conducting structured surveys of your business, Initial takes into consideration your brand persona and business area to recommend the perfect scent that symbolises your brand.

Our scent range covers a wide scope, with scents such as citrus, fruity, woody, floral and more.

Whether you are looking for a refreshing and uplifting or relaxing and soothing scent, our scent range will be able to cater to every need.

Our Products

We understand that each business has different needs when it comes to premium scenting. Our Scenting Units are designed to suit the various needs of each businesses in different industries. From small venues to large halls, our premium scenting unit is guaranteed to provide the same ambient scenting experience throughout the day.

Our scenting solutions comply with various global safety standards.

  • LEEDS (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design)

  • REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization & Restriction)

  • IFRA (International Fragrance Association)

  • TSCA (Toxic Substances Control Act)

Installation Methods

We provide multiple installation methods for our premium scenting units to suit your businesses needs. Our expert service technicians are trained in Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) knowledge to ensure secure and discreet installation without disrupting your business.

Our scenting units are able to be:

  • Scented through air conditioned supply duct

  • Mounted on the wall through glue or drilling

  • Hidden in the celing through a ceiling drive

  • Blended in with the use of a pedestal

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