Breathe Clean Air

Explore the link between safe air, health and consumers expectations.

Air is an essential component to human survival and an adult breathes approximately 15,000 litres of it a day. Just as we expect the water from a tap to be clean, we should be confident that, when we enter an indoor space, the air is clean.

However, bacteria, viruses and pollutants – such as carbon monoxide, VOCs, sulphur dioxide, ozone, radon and tobacco smoke – can contaminate the air we breathe and pose short-term and long-term risks.

The airborne transmission of the coronavirus has highlighted the link between safe air and health and consumer expectations have increased as a result. Breathing clean air is essential for our physical and mental health, improved productivity and for reducing the risk of lung, heart and arterial diseases. 

Our whitepaper explores what clean air is, why it’s important and the tangible outcomes for individuals, communities and businesses. 

Included in this free whitepaper

  • Expert insights based on survey findings about global attitudes and behaviours to air quality

  • A look at the risks associated with unclean air and the growing demand for safe air 

  • How clean air is linked to health and wellbeing and its impact on organisations
  • How businesses and organisations can adapt to provide safe air for their staff, customers and visitors

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