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Creating superior customer experiences with scent marketing

Premium Scenting, the global leader in scent marketing, offers bespoke scent solutions and patented technology to create superior customer experiences for businesses worldwide

At Premium Scenting, we're more than just experts in scent marketing; we're the global leaders in the design, development, and deployment of full-service scent solutions. Our mission is simple yet powerful: to create enhanced commercial spaces that offer superior customer experiences through the power of scent.

Discover the power of scent marketing

In today's competitive business landscape, relying solely on visual and auditory marketing is no longer sufficient. The sense of smell is a potent tool that can transform your brand, attract new customers, and emotionally connect with people, influencing their moods and emotions while leaving a lasting impression – and that's precisely where Premium Scenting comes in. With customers increasingly expecting more from brands, leveraging the power of scent in experiential marketing offers a powerful opportunity to create lasting and profitable customer relationships while enhancing overall customer experiences.


The Premium Scenting advantage

Our distinctive approach combines innovative scenting technology and world-class fragrance development to create not just scents but immersive experiences. These luxurious and consistently delivered scent solutions are executed by our highly-trained in-house service technicians, seamlessly integrating your brand's essence into commercial spaces worldwide.

What truly sets us apart is our consultative approach. We recognise the uniqueness of each business and tailor solutions that are specific to your brand and individual locations. Partnering with us not only enhances your business image but also fosters deeper emotional connections with your customers, visitors, and staff. Through our collaboration with fine fragrance house Firmenich, all our fragrances feature patented odour remediation properties, effectively addressing malodour challenges at any of your locations.

Scent marketing services

Masters of fragrance design

Meet our master perfumers, Christophe Laudamiel and Raymond Matts, who are pioneers at creating fine fragrances for the air. Having developed signature scents for many of the world’s leading brands they are defining the future of olfactive branding.

Crafting bespoke scent solutions

We don’t believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. We partner with you to understand your unique challenges and crystallise your scenting objectives. This clarity enables us to create a bespoke scent solution to enhance your brand experience and differentiate your business from competitors.

Consultative approach

Our certified in-house scent experts use unique diagnostic tools to survey every location, ensuring the delivery of the perfect scent impression at all times. 

Global service excellence

No matter where your business operates, our in-house service experts deliver discreet, professional, and consistent service. We proudly serve global brand customers across North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific region.

Prioritising scent safety and the environment

At Premium Scenting, customer safety is our absolute priority. We are proud members of IFRA (International Fragrance Association), and all our formulations exceed regulatory requirements, leading the way in fragrance safety while ensuring environmental responsibility.

Unique patented technology

Our patented scent diffusers utilise the most advanced nebulisation technology, allowing for consistent, uniform scent diffusion throughout your commercial spaces.

The Business Impact of Scent

In a fiercely competitive landscape, businesses must prioritise customer experiences. Premium Scenting's independent research in high-end retail and hospitality reveals how scents can draw customers in and leave a positive impression, driving brand loyalty and sales.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is scent marketing and how can it benefit my business?

Scent marketing leverages the power of fragrances to enhance customer experiences and build emotional connections with your brand. It can help create lasting and profitable customer relationships by making your commercial space more appealing.

What sets Premium Scenting apart from other scent solution providers?

The Premium Scenting advantage lies in our custom solutions, designed to protect your brand and improve customer relationships. We partner with fine fragrance house Firmenich to tackle tough malodours, and our master perfumers create unique, signature scents, defining the future of olfactive branding.

Is scent safety and environmental responsibility a priority for Premium Scenting?

Absolutely, customer safety is our utmost priority. We are members of IFRA (International Fragrance Association), and all our formulations exceed regulatory requirements, ensuring we lead in fragrance safety and environmental responsibility.

What technology does Premium Scenting use to ensure uniform scent diffusion?

We utilise patented scent diffusers with advanced nebulization technology. These diffusers ensure consistent and uniform scent diffusion across your commercial spaces, guaranteeing a premium scenting experience for your customers.

Why is scent marketing effective?

  • Emotional connection: Fragrances have a powerful impact on our emotions and memories. Scent marketing can evoke positive emotions, trigger nostalgia, and create a memorable experience for customers, which leads to stronger brand connections and loyalty.
  • Enhanced customer experience: By incorporating pleasant and tailored scents, businesses can transform their commercial spaces into inviting and unique ambient environments. This elevates the overall customer experience, making it more enjoyable and appealing and helps to attract new customers to enter their premises.
  • Increased sales: Research has shown that well-executed scent marketing can lead to longer customer dwell times, increased product interest, and higher sales. The right scent can encourage customers to spend more time in your store or establishment, leading to more opportunities for purchases.

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