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Our expert solutions span across all business sectors. Whatever sector your business is in, we have a range of services that can be tailored to your business needs.

Since 1903, our experts have helped businesses across the globe, from a range of different business sectors, to protect people and enhance lives. 

With all of this experience to call on, today, our experts are there to help you provide a safe and hygienic workspace for your staff and customers, whatever your business. Each business we engage with can rely on us to recommend solutions tailored to meet their individual needs, each designed to reduce germ and virus transmission. Using our considerable experience, we'll identify critical hygiene hotspots and develop a plan to deal with the issues raised.


Initial’s industry expertise

We’re committed to helping businesses across a wide range of industry sectors from hospitality and facilities management to food processing and retail, delivering tailored expertise to help you stay hygienically safe and legally compliant.

Innovative solutions tailored to your sector needs

We have a total of over 38,000 employees in over 60 countries ready to offer our customers their expertise. This team of service professionals, microbiologists and product developers is what sets us apart. They're committed to helping you keep your environment hygienic, safe and healthy. Their aim, especially in the current situation, is to improve operational efficiencies with hygiene standards across all facilities, making significant contributions to the hygiene and wellbeing of employees and visitors. 

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We ensure we're up to speed with all the latest news and information that may affect your business so we can better support your needs

Facing the challenges of hygiene with confidence

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4 things a hotel should consider to safeguard its future

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Supporting you get back to teaching and staying protected in a COVID-19 world

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