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Hygiene solutions for the hospitality sector

Protect your brand and reputation and reassure your customers by ensuring your bar, hotel or restaurant is equipped with the best possible hygiene solutions from Initial.

Hygiene solutions for the hospitality sector

From washroom products to indoor air quality solutions, hand hygiene to surface disinfection, Initial offers best in class solutions and services to maintain exceptionally high standards of hygiene in any hospitality environment.  As the New Zealand hospitality industry emerges and returns to business as usual, it is extremely important that hygiene standards are raised as high as the expectations that patrons and guests have that your facility will provide comfortable, pleasant and most of all safe environments. Initial provides the solutions and services to ensure a clean, pleasant, more hygienic environment for staff, guests and patrons.  We help to ensure hygiene protocols are highly visible and that there is confidence and security that the environment is adhering to the highest hygiene standards.

Almost three quarters of Kiwis (71%) agree that ensuring enclosed spaces have adequate ventilation is crucial to life being able to return to normal after COVID-19*.

*Independent research conducted in Mar 2022 by Dynata to 1000 New Zealand consumers on behalf of Initial.

When best practice hygiene standards are non-negotiable 

As consumer sentiment regarding hygiene expectations is at an all time high,  we at Initial work closely with our customers to ensure that the most effective solutions and services are in place. Our comprehensive approach to a full hygiene 360 across surface, washrooms, hands and air (both odour and transmission risk management) will help you meet the expectation from staff and customers that your environment is protected with best in class solutions.


Complete on site hygiene audit

The experts at Initial will carry out an in premise audit assessing your hygiene protocols across surface, hand, air and where applicable, public toilet facilities and offer a no obligation report on how to ensure exceptional standards in hygiene are adopted throughout the space.

Creating clean air

From VOCs to chemicals, viral aerosols to bacterias, it is imperative to shine a strong lens on the need to support natural ventilation with mechanical solutions that can help to clean and decontaminate the air, particularly during times of heightened risk of transmission or, where natural ventilation in cafes and restaurants is not possible (in winter, for example).

Reduction in the risk of harmful transmission

Strong hand hygiene protocol amongst hospitality staff is crucial to minimise transmission risk as is a systematic approach to surface disinfection across all high touch areas throughout the indoor space.

Manage customer expectations

It is expected that more scrutiny will be placed on just how clean and hygienic the washroom environment is - especially facilities provided for patrons. From odour control sanitary bins to hepa based air dryers, create a reassuring experience by ensuring that your washrooms do not compromise the perceived hygiene standards in place in your hospitality environment

High dependency environments

Initial supports the hospitality industry to ensure that a robust and extensive approach is applied to hygiene best practice from access to best in class washroom facilities, to a range of indoor air purification solutions, access to hand sanitising facilities to specialist surface disinfection.

Global reassurance, local expertise

With operations in 60 countries and over 115 years experience in the Hygiene industry, Initial can be relied upon as a trusted partner to support the hygiene requirements within your retail environment. Locally, Initial has an extensive network of technicians and experts to support your business, no matter where in Australia you are based. We have branches in every main State and city and can offer an agile tailored and flexible approach to your hygiene needs.

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Our mission is protecting people, enhancing lives. We do that by offering the world's leading hygiene innovation solutions to make a positive impact in communities where we live and work.