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Hand hygiene

Which is better: alcohol or non-alcohol hand sanitiser?

Hand hygiene is one of the pillars of infection control. It was recognised as far back as the nineteenth century as essential to prevent spread of infections in hospitals – even before it was understood that...

9 steps to washing your hands to remove viruses and bacteria

The World Health Organization says that the most important action we can take during the coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic is to wash hands frequently to remove any viruses that may be on them. Washing hands is the...

Why wash your hands?

Hands are the part of the body that are most exposed to germs and substances in the home, the environment and areas shared with other people such as offices, schools, hospitals, shopping centres and public transport.

The 9 steps of proper hand washing

To celebrate (yes, we celebrate these things at Initial) Global Handwashing day, we’e put together the 9 steps of proper hand washing. But first, why does hand washing require 9 steps?