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GENIE air treatment

Eliminate unpleasant odours with a commercial air treatment for high traffic toilets in large washroom spaces.

Bacteria controlled odour free washroom.

GENIE is a premium air scenting product with customised fragrances specifically designed for the washroom. Standards and expectations of hygiene have risen and a pleasant washroom environment has become a focus with establishments where brand perception is greatly affected by a customer’s washroom experience. Smell is still ranked as the number one priority for people in washrooms. 

Technology advances have allowed improved dispersion techniques to be developed and along with higher quality fragrances with a more natural aroma, the GENIE provides a high quality air scenting solution, particularly suited to high traffic, large space commercial washrooms.

GENIE scenting solution

GENIE AirQ technology enables fragrance to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 15,000 ft³/ 425m³ of highly effective fragrance odour neutralization technology which improves air quality and reinforces the perception of a sanitary environment by conveying a clean, fresh, healthy and hygienic feel. 

It lends itself to flexible and efficient servicing with a 500ml cartridge, field replaceable pumps and remote appliance programming. 

  • Discreet, sleek design to easily blend in with the décor and is ideal for wall mounted bathroom applications. 
  • The GENIE AirQ micro-droplet technology enables fragrance to evenly disperse across the room with coverage up to 15,000 ft³ / 425m³ 
  • Increased programming options to accommodate varying traffic levels in washroom environments. 
  • Integrated, adjustable fan for improved subtle fragrance diffusion. 
  • Field-replaceable pump reduces potential downtime of the appliance.


  • Capacity: 500ml cartridge 
  • Dimensions: H 254mm x W 192mm x D 76mm 
  • Weight: 2.4kg with full 500ml cartridge


  • A range of odour neutralising fragrances ensuring a fresh, clean, hygienic environment. 
  • Available fragrances for washroom specific applications include: Clean Cotton, Tidal Wave, Waterfall, Spring Fresh 
  • 500ml sealed scent recyclable cartridge with single use nebulisation head 
  • Fragrances have passed all international regulatory requirements.

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