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Washroom urinal malodour solution

Having good urinal malodour solutions will help you maintain a fresh smelling washroom environment.

Maintaining a consistently high level of hygiene can be challenging in shared washrooms that can be used intensively at peak times. 

Even though some washroom users are more concerned with hygiene standards than others, most people will directly associate bad smell with poor hygiene standards.

Urinal floor mat

Bathroom urinal mats leave your washroom clean, tidy and fresh by eliminating unpleasant malodour and killing bacteria while increasing safety by providing a safe, slip-resistant floor covering. 

  • Disposal mats serviced monthly 
  • Absorbs excess liquid around urinals 
  • Eliminates urinal odours by reducing bacterial growth 
  • Impregnated with a crisp green apple fragranced odour neutraliser

Toilet and urinal deep cleaning

Our in depth cleaning solutions will banish those offensive smells and will help you create a fresh smelling washroom environment.

The deep clean service we provide for your toilets and urinals is designed to fight bacteria and limescale build-up – a classic cause of bad odours and unsightly stains.

Initial Hygiene provides intensive cleaning solutions for the health and protection of your organisation. Specialists in hygiene treatment, sanitation and restoration, we offer in depth clean services designed to eliminate malodour and restore your washroom's sparkle and shine.

Our in depth cleaning services include:

  • W/C’s 
  • Urinals and Urinettes 
  • Hand Basins 
  • Showers 
  • Floor Traps 
  • Grill Stands

What we offer:

Our toilet in-depth cleaning process:

  • Clean and treat internal ‘U’ bend 
  • Remove all traces of residual uric and faecal build-up 
  • Clean and treat flushing rims 
  • Scrub clean and treat exterior and behind pan incl. pipes 
  • Scrub clean and treat exterior cistern 
  • Scrub wash floors surrounding pan 
  • Spray with antibacterial spray

Our urinal & urinette in-depth cleaning process:

  • Treatment and clean of grill cones 
  • Clearing of all uric acid build-up within the outlet pipes 
  • Bring stainless steel/vitreous china to renovated standard 
  • Scrub wash and treat interior and exterior of unit 
  • Scrub wash floors where they show signs of urine stain in front of urinal/urinette 
  • Spray with antibacterial spray

Our hand basin in-depth cleaning process: 

  • Clean and treat internal outlet pipes and traps 
  • Scrub clean and treat bowl and taps 
  • Scrub clean exterior of unit including all pipe work 
  • Scrub walls beneath unit 
  • Spray with antibacterial spray

Hygiene insights

Why wash your hands?

Your body harbours a wide selection of microorganisms — intestinal/faecal, oral, nasal, dermal — as well as carrying many others picked up from the environment. All these actions that you do without thinking can pick up unwanted germs, dirt or chemicals and transmit them to your mouth or to other objects or people.

How can you catch diseases through the air?

Discover how particles become airborne and how diseases can be transmitted through the air.

How hygienic are your colleagues? Not very!

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

Washroom services and accessories

We provide the most comprehensive range of solutions in the washroom services industry. This means that we are able to deliver the service that meets your individual needs. Award winning, boasting a sleek and contemporary design, our range spans sanitary units, hand drying solutions, soap dispensers and air fresheners.

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