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Hygiene services supporting the Australian pharmaceutical industry

Innovative hygiene solutions to protect the health and wellbeing of staff and residents creating a safer, cleaner and more pleasant living environment for the most vulnerable in our society.

Our team of experts can help you to provide a safe and hygienic workspace for your staff and customers. Our integrated hygiene solutions are expertly designed and ensure the highest possible standards to help protect the health of colleagues and visitors and reduce the impact on staff morale and company reputation so your office and production spaces  remain hygienic and productive.Utilising our considerable experience we will conduct on premise assessments and audits to identify critical hygiene hotspots and develop a plan to suit your environment, delivering tailored expertise to help you stay hygienically safe, legally compliant and keep visitors, staff and guests safe.


GMP Compliance

It is an offence in Australia to manufacture therapeutic goods for human use without a licence or certification unless the manufacturer is exempt from this requirement under the Therapeutic Goods Act 1989. Initial Hygiene can help support GMP best practice by helping to build hygiene protocols and recommending solutions that provide a robust approach to hygiene at work best practice

An Integrated Approach

Our integrated hygiene approach includes indoor air decontamination solutions, hygienic door handles, no-touch dispensers and kind-to-the-skin soaps, helping to minimise cross-contamination within the workforce to help keep integrity of the production / sterile environment and prevent infection spread while reassuring staff, customers and visitors.

Instilling Confidence in Your Workforce

In a crucial production environment where the lights are ‘always on’ and working from home is not an option, safety of staff and reduction of risk of production halting is paramount. Employee sentiment around hygiene is at an all time high and staff now expect to work in an environment that has a very strong lens and approach on hygiene best practice

Indoor Air Quality & Risk

We now know that indoor air transmission presents the no. 1 risk in the spread of COVID-19, particularly the Delta variant that has been characterised by its aerosol transmission. Initial Hygiene offers a range of indoor air purification and decontamination solutions that are highly effective at cleansing the air of harmful bacterial and viral pathogens. Viruskiller can kill 99.9999% of coronavirus in a single air pass and is suitable to use in the office space or production area, of your pharmaceutical environment

Focus on high touch areas

Desks, door handles, keyboards, lift buttons, light switches are all a breeding ground for bacterias, dirt and viral spores. Regular specialist disinfection is highly recommended, especially in the pharma industry where most staff in production are not able to work from home and density of staff operating at any one time is high. Initial Hygiene provides a fogging service that will disinfect all high touch areas using Zoono, a highly effective solution that tackles covid, influenza and other harmful nasties.

High Dependency Environments

Working with sterile pharmaceutical materials, bringing the risk of contamination to a minimum is not just desirable, but an expectation to protect human health. Initial Hygiene supports the pharma sector to ensure that a robust and extensive approach is applied to hygiene best practice from access to best in class washroom facilities, to a range of indoor air purification solutions, access to hand sanitising facilities to specialist surface disinfection.

Hygiene solutions tailored to your business

Our expert technicians are committed to helping you keep your environment hygienic, safe and healthy. Their aim, especially in the current situation, is to improve operational efficiencies with hygiene standards across all facilities, making significant contributions to the hygiene and wellbeing of employees and visitors.

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About Initial hygiene

Our mission is protecting people, enhancing lives. We do that by offering the world's leading hygiene innovation solutions to make a positive impact in communities where we live and work.