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Why is OHS a real issue for businesses when it comes to the Muti-demic of viruses?

As further spikes in COVID-19 cases loom and Australians face the onslaught of a Multi-demic situation, businesses are having to rethink their OHS procedures with the obligation of protecting their workplace by creating a safer and more hygienic work environment for all ...

What is a Multi-demic and what is the next global concern affecting Australians?

What was supposed to keep us safe has made us sicker than ever before. Australians have developed a weakened immune system facing an uncertain future that consists of Multi-Demics which contain multiple viruses impacting our health, our productivity and mental acuity ...

Super sicknesses are making Aussies miserable,and it's not just COVID anymore!

With lockdowns lifted and travel restrictions a thing of the past, thousands of Australians are now getting sick with super colds and the flu.

How can you catch diseases through the air?

The air around us may appear to be clean, but it carries many types of microscopic particles, such as mineral particles, water droplets, pollen, various kinds of biological material and man-made pollutants, that can’t be seen...