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Dignity in the Washroom - An expected minimum standard in the workplace

Washroom Dignity - Incontinence and Period Dispensing & Disposal amenities in the workplace

1 in 3 people who menstruate expect free period products to be provided whilst Growth in those suffering  with incontinence issues projected to increase to 6.5m people by 2030 

At Initial Hygiene we strongly believe that both incontinence and period welfare solutions should be free and widely accessible to both persons who menstruate or those managing incontinence issues whilst at their place of work. That is why we have partnered with Essity, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of period and incontinence products, to launch Washroom Dignity.

Washroom Dignity offers employers access to cost-effective vending and disposal solutions for period and incontinence care for the washroom.


Our washroom dignity solutions are flexible to vend and dispose of period or incontinence products, or both and are discreetly branded to suit all washroom environments - male, female or gender neutral. Both the dispenser and waste unit are covered under the expert Initial hygiene service offering and can be replenished/emptied on a schedule that suits the individual needs of your business.


Replenished & maintained as part of the Initial Hygiene service - dispensing the highest quality period and incontinence care products (Libra and Tena)


Serviced by Initial Hygiene in accordance with the schedule that suits the premises

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