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Hygiene services in Melbourne

Helping Melbourne businesses create safe and hygienic environments through our fully encompassed workplace hygiene solutions.

Our Melbourne team of experts and specialists offer a wide range of solutions that work in unison to create breaks in infection chains and prevent cross-contamination. We provide effective and safe products and services which reduce risk of transmission within workplaces.

We have technicians near you in Melbourne

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Hygiene experts near you in Melbourne

We have technicians near you in Melbourne

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We cover these services:

Air Hygiene | Hand Hygiene | Surface Hygiene | Cubicle Hygiene | Scenting and Odour Control | Waste Disposal | First Aid and Defibrillators | Medical Waste Disposal | Floor Care | Parent rooms | Sanitary bins

Commercial hygiene solutions in Melbourne

Our local Melbourne team understand the risks of poorly managed hygiene and work closely with Victoria’s hospitality, education, manufacturing and general commercial sector to provide best practice hygiene management, enabling safe and healthy indoor environments. We provide tailored solutions to keep premises hygienic so staff, guests and customers can feel reassured that their health and wellbeing is protected, which can deliver positive associations with your brand.

Science and Innovation
Our team of product development chemists, microbiologists and formulators ensure our solutions are laboratory tested and regulatory approved.
Local technicians
Our expertly trained technicians deliver the highest quality service and advice to create safer working environments.
Trusted expertise
For over 100 years, we have helped businesses keep their staff and customers hygienically safe.


We are with you, every step of the way to help keep your business hygienically safe and protect your people and premises. If you have any questions about the most appropriate hygiene products or services for your business, contact Initial Melbourne or search hundreds of questions from business owners just like you.

Can Initial manage all my hygiene services for my business in Melbourne?

Initial provides the most comprehensive range hygiene products and services for the commercial sector in Melbourne. Our full-service solutions allow for convenience and peace of mind that your business is creating healthier working environments both staff, guests and visitors.

What size businesses do you cater for?

We operate throughout the country and serve some of the largest companies in Melbourne and Victoria. We are scaled to deliver consistently high levels of service whether you are a small single site business or a multi‐site, multi‐national organisation.

What is involved in a hygiene audit for my business in Melbourne?

Hygiene audits involve a detailed survey of your premises to help identify hygiene gaps and potential risk areas. Our local Melbourne team understand that hygiene requirements will vary per business so our hygiene experts will work with you to address your concerns and develop a plan, tailored to your exact needs.

Is it easy to change my services account to Initial without unnecessary disruption?

Absolutely. Your Account Manager will work closely with you and our local Melbourne Service teams to ensure your transition to Initial is as seamless as possible.

Can I have my supplies delivered at a time that suits me?

On your first meeting with our local Melbourne Hygiene expert, you will have the opportunity to provide your exact service requirements and preferences, which we will always do our best to fulfil.

What air purifying solutions are available to my business in Melbourne?

We have a complete range of air purification solutions available to suit all industry sectors and requirements, whether that’s technical and professional services, healthcare or finance and other office based workplaces, just to name a few. Our world leading, innovative technology can help by protecting health, instilling confidence and boosting productivity.

How are your technicians in Melbourne operating in a Covid safe way?

Safety is our number one priority. Our Service teams and technicians are following Victorian Government Health advice including social distancing measures, the use of personal protective equipment and keeping up to date with local guidance and local restrictions.