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Reflection washroom range

The Reflection range isn’t just about aesthetics – all Reflection products feature smooth, rust resistant and crevice-free surfaces.

Crafted from the finest grade stainless steel and styled to blend discreetly into your washroom environment, each product in the range is sleek, robust and easy to maintain, allowing you to deliver high levels of hygiene without compromising on style.

Robust and fingerprint resistant, the Reflection range is also easy to maintain. Give staff and customers the best possible hygiene protection and let your reputation shine.

Explore stunning stainless steel

No-Touch feminine hygiene units

No-Touch system for superior hygiene protection – quiet and reliable to use

Toilet & urinal dual sanitiser

Protects toilets and urinals against the build-up of uric scale and bacteria

Toilet roll dispenser

Quality dispenser with a robust design and fingerprint resistant surface – ideal for high-use

Toilet seat cleaner

Dispenser Stylish unit designed to sit alongside your toilet roll dispenser – provides extra reassurance for washroom users

Soap dispensers

Simple, elegant and exceptionally hygienic

Hand sanitiser

A stylish addition to the washroom that ensures good hand hygiene and stops the spread of germs

Paper towel dispensers

High quality dispensers, encasing your paper towels in a germ-free environment

Air fresheners

Automatically dispense welcoming fragrances into your washrooms – simple and hassle-free

Hygiene insights

Why wash your hands?

Your body harbours a wide selection of microorganisms — intestinal/faecal, oral, nasal, dermal — as well as carrying many others picked up from the environment. All these actions that you do without thinking can pick up unwanted germs, dirt or chemicals and transmit them to your mouth or to other objects or people.

How can you catch diseases through the air?

Discover how particles become airborne and how diseases can be transmitted through the air.

How hygienic are your colleagues? Not very!

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

Washroom services

We provide the most comprehensive range of solutions in the washroom services industry. This means that we are able to deliver the service that meets your individual needs.

Signature range

Designed with clean, seamless curves, the Signature range blends effortlessly into any washroom environment.