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Why is OHS a real issue for businesses when it comes to the Multi-demic of viruses?

As further spikes in COVID-19 cases loom and Australians face the onslaught of a Multi-demic situation, businesses are having to rethink their OHS procedures with the obligation of protecting their employees and the workplace by creating a safer, and more hygienic work environment for all. 

Our Managing Director, Andrew Stone, along with John Keogh, Head of Technical Innovation, shared their views and thoughts with Ohsalert on what businesses can and should do to minimise the risk of infections in the workplace by breaking the sickness cycle to create a healthier, hygienic, safer working environment.

Here's what businesses should do to ensure compliance with best practice OHS requirements

Establish a Risk Management Plan for COVID-19 that includes assessing the workplace for unhygienic areas linked to COVID-19 risks, Monkeypox, Influenza A, the Super flu,  and other viruses linked to the Multi-demic of viruses. 

  • Identify areas that are associated with exposure to COVID-19 and other viruses
  • Implement adequate control protocols to manage hygiene in your workplace, and COVID-19 risks in a changed, new, and across all other situations of the business, for example, customer aggression, high work demand or working in isolation 

Things businesses need to consider when providing hygiene facilities

Always provide your staff and customers with accessible, adequate, and hygienic facilities when it comes to good hygiene practices, through a Hygiene 360° approach to best hygiene practices that include; Air, Hand, Surface, and the Washroom. Ensure all facilities including air purifiers and filters are maintained regularly and are functioning to an optimum level. When choosing an air purifier make sure you look for a unit that uses a Hepa 13 or 14 medical-grade filter that has an efficacy of no less than a 99.95% rating (preferably a 99.9999% efficacy rating). Make sure all work stations and work surfaces, are hygienically cleaned with a strong cleaning agent, and surface wipes and hand sanitisers are accessible to all staff and customers. Additionally, ensure that all washroom facilities are working and are hygienically safe with adequate hand dryers that use UVC technology and a Hepa 13 filter that kills 99.9% of viruses in the washroom. Make sure all washrooms have a soap dispensary and they are properly stocked, with an adequate supply of toilet paper, soap, water, and drying facilities (preferably single-use paper towels).

Things to consider are:

  • Additional washing facilities, change rooms, and dining facilities
  • Supply face masks and alcohol-based hand sanitiser in appropriate locations across the office and at entry and exit points

The Management Plan should address the following:

  • How severe is the risk 
  • What existing control measures are effective if any
  • Actions needed to control the risk
  • What level of urgency is needed to take the action 

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