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Hand dryers

We’ll consider your specific washroom requirements and help you choose the right dryer for your needs.

Our range of hand dryers

Wet hands are a magnet for attracting bacteria, contributing to staff sickness and lost productivity. Stop the spread of germs with our range of high quality hand dryers. Our experts will help you select the right option for you based on cost and the performance you need. We’ll also maintain your dryer so it’s always in perfect working order and looking its best!

Dri Bubble

Bringing innovation and best in class hygiene standards into the washroom. With a HEPA filtration system and UV sterilisation, the Dri Bubble hand dryer will filter the air in the washroom from harmful particles while also drying hands quickly and cleanly.

Energy efficient, a sleek design, and an optional quiet mode, this hand dryer is a must-have addition to the hygiene conscious washroom to minimise transmission risk and keep the overall standard of hygiene in the washroom high

  • HEPA filtration and UV sterilisation
  • ION pure antimicrobial coating
  • Quiet Mode
  • Energy efficient
  • Sleek design



  • Clean air HEPA filtration and UV Sterilisation
  • Plasma ION generator to neutralise harmful pollutants and odours
  • ION pure antimicrobial coating
  • Energy efficient 320W - 720W
  • 2 Speed with heater options

Diamond-V hand dryer

Vertically positioned, high powered Hand Dryer that’s perfect for small washrooms.

  • No touch operation.
  • Low power consumption
  • Selectable heating option
  • Elegant and stylish colours
  • Infrared sensor with blue light assist
  • Available in Titanium, Rose Gold and Silver



  • Dimensions: H 275mm x W 130mm x D 128mm. 
  • Weight: 3.2kg. 
  • Power: 300w without heater 800w total with heater

Jet hand dryer

Delivers a high velocity sheet of air that dries hands in just 9 seconds. Extra performance boosting features guarantee effective drying.

  • Bi-directional air jets for quicker drying time.
  • Sensors ensures hands are inside the unit for effective hand drying.
  • Automatic shut off to save power.
  • No touch operation.



  • Dimensions: H 650mm x W 292mm x D 250mm. 
  • Weight: 8kg. 
  • Power: Low 850 watts (power consumption for environmentally friendly performance).


  • Replacement filters ensure continuous high quality performance
  • Keeps dryers working to capacity & prevents build-up of bacteria

Air Force hand dryer

A practical and cost effective alternative to jet hand dryers – uses low power, and dries hands just as fast in nine seconds.

  • Low power use to reduce costs.
  • Quiet performance.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Locks securely to avoid tampering.


  • Dimensions: H 340mm x W 235
  • Weight: 3kg
  • Power: 1.9 kilowatts of electricity per hour

Hygiene insights

Why wash your hands?

Your body harbours a wide selection of microorganisms — intestinal/faecal, oral, nasal, dermal — as well as carrying many others picked up from the environment. All these actions that you do without thinking can pick up unwanted germs, dirt or chemicals and transmit them to your mouth or to other objects or people.

How hygienic are your colleagues? Not very!

When it’s suggested that someone has dirty washroom habits, you might not immediately think about their hands.

The 9 steps of proper hand washing

To celebrate (yes, we celebrate these things at Initial) Global Handwashing day, we’e put together the 9 steps of proper hand washing. But first, why does hand washing require 9 steps?

Paper towel dispenser

Our paper towel dispenser features the same antibacterial surface as our soap dispensers and ensures towels are always free from contamination.

Hand sanitiser dispensers

Keep your environment hygienic wherever you need it, our hand sanitiser dispensers come with skin friendly yet powerful sanitiser that kills 99.9% of germs.