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5 reasons why these air purifiers should be your home’s sidekick

Every main character in the movie has their own epic sidekicks. Luke Skywalker and R2D2, Han Solo and Chewbacca, Batman and Robin, Ash and Pikachu, Aladdin and Genie. With so many iconic duos, you have to admit, their sidekicks sure are lovable and you can trust that they are always there to lend their partner a hand. 

Now, does your home have a sidekick you can rely on? No? Well, consider getting an Initial air purifier to be your sidekick and here are the 5 reasons why these air purifiers should be your sidekick at home

1) They Kill Airborne Viruses


The most obvious reason why we have air purifiers would be their functions in fighting against airborne viruses to provide clean and safe air to us. Just to share with you, Initial InspireAir 72 removes up to 99.95% of airborne particles while VIRUSKILLER™ kills 99.9999% of airborne viruses including Coronavirus*.

2) They Have Advanced Technology

Every sidekick needs a cool weapon or special skills to support their partner and that’s exactly what these air hygiene units have, to protect you and your home with their advanced technology. InspireAir 72 comes with medical grade HEPA 13 filter and it has auto-sensor and dynamic operating modes that respond to varying air quality. As for VIRUSKILLER™, its technology uses a unique combination of filters and a UV reactor chamber to deliver clean air through air decontamination. This UV reactor chamber deactivates viruses, bacteria and other airborne pathogens in a single air pass. 

3) They Look Sleek and Cool

With their aesthetics and clean design, Initial Air Hygiene units would surely impress and wow your family members and visiting guests. In fact, they could easily blend in with your other furniture with their simple colour yet cool designs. Don’t have to worry about colour clashing because let’s admit it, white matches with almost everything.

4) They Make You Feel Protected

It’s all about peace of mind for this. It’s always good to have an additional home protector as compared to none at all. Think about it. Would you feel safer knowing there’s termite prevention in place as compared to having no termite prevention? Definitely with prevention in place, right? Besides that, your visiting guests would also feel more assured seeing you invested in a quality air purifier at your home so they can just hang out and chat with you freely. 

5) They Are Loyal

Just as loyal as those iconic sidekicks are towards their partner, Initial Air Hygiene units will also be loyal to you and stay in your home to act as your protector for as long as you need them. You can choose to get worry-free maintenance service, outright purchase or rent-to-own the InspireAir 72 or VIRUSKILLER™ depending on your needs and preferences. 

Interested in getting your very own Air Hygiene unit? Submit a form or call our hygiene expert at 1300 882 388.

*When independently tested against Coronavirus DF2 (a surrogate for Coronavirus), Adenovirus, Influenza and Polio, the unit was found to kill 99.9999% of viruses on a single air pass.

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