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Surface hygiene service for your business

Minimise cross-contamination in your premises with our range of surface hygiene solutions which stop the spread of bacteria and viruses

Surfaces that are directly touched by the skin, notably the hand, can be a source of transmission among customers and employees. Frequently touched surfaces can become increasingly contaminated and have a greater risk of transmission if no remedial action is taken to reduce cross-contamination.

Surface hygiene services

Our surface hygiene service is designed to ensure contact surfaces have minimal germs and bacteria to mitigate the spread of these harmful pathogens which can in turn infect the people in your premises.

Antimicrobial film

The self-disinfecting film kills up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria and acts as a protective layer between human touch and contaminated surfaces.

Mould remediation

The multi-step mould remediation process gets out-of-control fungi back to natural levels while managing your mould problems.

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Other hygiene services for your business

Air hygiene solutions

Keep your indoor facilities clean and hygienic while providing scenting and odour control.

Disinfectant mat

Help to sanitise your shoe soles to prevent the spread of germs before entering your premises.

Workplace hygiene

IT gadgets sanitising service help to reduce the cross-contamination and provide you hassle-free service in the premises.

Hygiene solutions

Discover our full range of hygiene services including air, hand, surface and washroom solutions for your business.

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